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The best St Valentine’s gift ever: buy a piece of the world

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2013 10:48 +08

(Singapore, Singapore): The Vatican, the Old Traffic football arena, and the Galapagos Islands are only some of the places that are up for sale, and at prices that anyone can afford. At www.pieceoftheworld.com, you can set your mark on the world, and purchase the piece of the world that means something special to you.

This St. Valentine’s Day, you can buy your loved one the most impressive gift ever: a piece of the world that means something special to both of you. The new online venture Pieceoftheworld.com allows users to purchase an acre or indeed a monument anywhere in the world. What can be more romantic than give your loved one your honeymoon hotel, the spot in the park where you met, or indeed your favourite vacation place?

Each registered user at www.pieceoftheworld.com will be in charge and have full control of its virtual piece, to upload a picture and write a description, tell the world the story why this place is so special. 

The world is sold either acre-by-acre for $9.99 or individually priced, depending on demand and attention, for such items like The Eifel Tower, the Grand Central in New York, or The Opera House in Sydney Harbour. The acre price is $ 6:93 if shared on social media channels. The website is open to buyers and sellers from around the world, and transactions are restricted to the Piece of the world’s website.

Buyers are awarded a certificate of ownership upon completing the transactions, and payment is carried out with traditional online transactions models. Each buyer is registered as the sole property owner in the system. This information is available to all other users on the website.

Over time, your piece of the world can become a source of income from post advertising, competitions and even spot sales.

Go and buy a piece of the world at www.pieceoftheworld.com


Piece of the World Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore, at 6 Temasek BLVD, 09/05 Suntech Tower, 038986 Singapore.

Users pay on www.pieceoftheworld.com using Paypal, VISA or Mastercard. The system uses United States Dollars (USD) as its currency. 

For further information, contact Mr Per-Ola Röst, CEO pieceoftheworld.com, at email PieceoftheWorld2013@gmail.com or telephone: +65-838-53189 (timezone CET+7).