MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)

The President, Council Members & Staff of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) Wish Every Muslim A Blessed EidulAdha 2011/1432H

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 15:18 +08

Eiduladha is a celebration that upholds the concept of sacrifice. Whether we perform the hajj, or the korban rites, the concept of sacrifice, for the benefit of oneself, our families and community is clearly is reflected in both these acts of worship.

We should also greet Eiduladha with resilience in the face of challenges that is thrown in our path by God. He does so to test the strength of faith and our confidence in the belief  that everything that happens is the result of His Kudrat (His Power) and Iradat (His Will). God willing, those who face the challenges with fortitude and faith will be amply rewarded in this world and hereafter as Allah has promised.

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah S.W.T. for it is with His Grace, our hajj pilgrims have arrived safely in the Holy Lands. They are today testifying, glorifying and pronouncing praises of the Greatness and Oneness of Allah in order to fulfill the obligations of the hajj which is the fifth pillar of Islam. Let us all pray that our Singaporean pilgrims attain “haj mabrur” and return safely home as Muslims who are spiritually stronger and bring blessings to many others, insyaAllah.

We in Singapore should feel very grateful to Allah for having granted us the blessings to continue enjoying life in peace and prosperity here, when many countries are afflicted with great uncertainties and natural calamities.  Let us then face all challenges that come our way with fortitude while at the same time partaking the lessons which these challenges bring so that the Muslim community in Singapore can be even stronger in the future.

May the pleasure, protection and rewards of Allah S.W.T be upon us all,  Ameen. 

President of Muis, Mohd Alami Musa's Hari Raya Eiduladha Message for 1432H 2011 (Malay Version)  

President of Muis, Mohd Alami Musa's Hari Raya Eiduladha Message for 1432H 2011 (Tamil Version)