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TMC to Hold Simultaneous Live-art, Web-based Promotional Event for Soon-to-launch RWD Sports Car

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2011 15:26 +08

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will launch a promotional website for the production prototype of the "FT-86 II Concept", a new compact rear-wheel-drive sports car, which will premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show on December 3 and be shown through December 11.  

The website, called "FT-86 Fastest Painted Website", will go online at 10:00 on November 20, 2011.

Live painting space in Shinjuku, Tokyo

The website will be in sync with an outdoor street painting in front of Shinjuku Station's East Exit in the Shinjuku Station Square.  A talented group of artists, the Rinpa Eshidan1, will start the painting at 10:00, November 20, and will gradually flesh it out over 8 hours and 6 minutes.  As the painters work, their piece will come to life in real-time as artwork on the fully-functional website to be authored by Deltro Inc2.  Together, the speed of these two groups working together will exemplify the speed of the new Toyota sports car.

The website be be online until November 26.

1A group of five artists based in Tokyo.  In 2006 they created a YouTube video that went on to become an explosive hit with over 50 million views and garnered them worldwide attention.  Since then they have made a name for themselves with "motion events" and commercial videos.  Their unique style is internationally imitated but never duplicated.

2Created by Art Director Masanori Sakamoto and Technical Director Ken Murayama in 2009, Deltro Inc. has provided numerous companies with on-screen media art direction, design, and programming services, and has received a multitude of marketing awards from groups such as the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the CLIO Awards, One Show, TIAA, and more.