Turning cities into living board games

Press Release   •   Aug 19, 2011 11:23 +08

3 Apps. 3 Brands. 3 continents. 1 goal - business growth through brand activation.

This week Monterosa launches new Augmented Reality Activation Apps for New Balance, Vodafone and Mercedes-Benz. Each launch city is turned into a Living Board Game where users compete against each other in different physical and mental challenges.

Check them out here:

New Balance Urban Dash (The US)        

Vodafone Buffer Busters (Germany) 

Mercedes-Benz 125! Race (Singapore) 

Carl Norberg, Monterosa Singapore, says "Traditional mass communication is often an ineffective means to reaching many target groups. When people know they are in for an awesome ride – a live adventure that they themselves take part in – not only does it create brand loyalty - it creates brand addiction.”

Awarded Gold in Cannes Lions, Monterosa’s Activation App ‘Mini Getaway’ proved not only to be a creative alternative to traditional car advertising, but also an extremely efficient, cost-effective way of capturing the interest of a demanding target group. In fact, the average user of the MINI App interacted with it for more than 5 hours!

News about the game spread virally all over the planet through a variety of digital channels. To accomplish something with the same impact using traditional media would have been extremely expensive, if not impossible.

Activation concepts like these are changing the media landscape. Says Johan Hemminger, Monterosa’s Global CEO, "Mobile is quickly becoming the ultimate relationship tool and the most important media channel for brands to connect with consumers. Activation AR Apps are one of the many creative App solutions Monterosa uses to engage people. The consumer wants - and deserves - irresistibly intoxicating solutions and Monterosa’s mission is to deliver exactly that!“

Monterosa's initiative is to provide clients with a mobile appearance that defines them. We are proud to call ourselves the App Tailors delivering the service of a perfect fit.