Land Transport Authority

UPDATE: The North South East West Line Operating Smoothly

Press release   •   Dec 21, 2011 09:49 +08

Trains on the North South East West Lines (NSEWL) have been running smoothly since overall service resumed last Sunday, 18 December at 12 noon.

SMRT has been carrying out daily inspections of tracks, including the third rail assembly which carries power supply to the trains. No further visible impairments have been found. SMRT has also repaired 11 of the 13 damaged trains, and these 11 trains have been put back in service. For the remaining two damaged trains, SMRT will put the trains back in service as soon as replacement parts are available.

As a safety precaution, LTA had earlier applied a temporary speed restriction of 40kmph at affected areas, mainly in the city stretch where floating slab tracks are installed. With the return of the system's stability, SMRT is actively looking into how to raise the speed limit at certain segments of the rail network gradually, to above 40kmph, without compromising the safety of the system.

SMRT will be conducting trial runs of trains on the floating slab tracks at different speeds over the next few days. Depending on the trial results, LTA and SMRT will consider raising the speed restriction to 60kmph .

LTA and SMRT are also looking at enhancements to the design of the third rail assembly in addition to the rectification and reinstatement of the dislodged claws that secure the third rail to the support structure. As an added precautionary measure, the claws are currently secured with cable ties. SMRT is in the process of engaging railway engineering experts to help advise, and replace the cable ties with a more permanent securing system.

LTA and SMRT will continue to work towards restoring the operation of the NSEWL back to normal.