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QNET Global Support Centre, Your Caring Big Brother

Blog post   •   Feb 15, 2013 14:00 +08

What does it mean to be a big brother? It entails caring for your younger siblings, protecting them, playing with them, teasing them sometimes but always out of love! Know how much love a big brother can give her little sister in this touching and heartwarming video.

We, at the QNET Global Support Centre, strive to be just like the big brother in the video. We want to be YOUR big brother and be the bridge that you cross from being a customer with needs and wants, to a customer who’s happy, satisfied and well-cared for. We love you, you’re our reason-for-being and for you, we will raise the bar higher this year by further improving the quality of services we render.

Aligned with QNET’s theme for 2013 – F.A.S.T (Fast and Simple Track), these are the goals we have identified and will work hard for with EXTRAORDINARY amounts of zeal, passion and care. These, we promise you!

1.  Proactive Service Calls – We will call you to provide guidance on how to join or take advantage of some very exciting programmes that QNET will be implementing this year.

2.  Simplified Support Procedures & Requirements – We will streamline, revise and simplify our operating procedures to make it easier for you to submit your queries, concerns and complaints and get a faster response.

3.  Webilearn – We will work on reaching more of you who will benefit from this FREE training that gives you the right networking knowledge and tools.

4.  Good Relationships with Top Leaders – We will establish or renew good relationships with your top leaders so our messages will be properly cascaded to your teams and vice-versa.

5.  Appreciation Notes for You, our Distributors – We will send you a letter of appreciation, a card or an e-Greeting if you have done something that helped us further improve our work or simply made us smile.

6.  Service Recovery Programme – If you’re unhappy, we will call you to find out and understand the source of your dissatisfaction and offer you quick and practical solutions.

From all of us here at the Global Support Centre, Happy Networking! Always remember, We Care!

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