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Бизнес прямого действия

News   •   May 15, 2014 19:54 +08

Business direct deystviya 4 May 2014 |  Business

Direct sales - a new kind of business that is booming in the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan. Its essence - sale of consumer products or services, carried from person to person is stationary retail outlets. 

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), in 2007, 59 regional member associations retail sales turnover reached more than 114 billion dollars due to the activity more than 62 million independent Sellers.
Kazakhstan has not Been Immune to this Trend. Today in our country came company QNET - one of the leading Asian companies direct sales, number of customers and distributors which is more than five million worldwide.

Zaheer Merchant, Director of Corporate Affairs QNET - the guest of our magazine, talks about the "secrets" of this increasingly popular form of entrepreneurship.

-Mr Merchant, when it comes to online business, many Kazakhs guards: not whether it is the financial pyramid? Unfortunately, this is the last negative experience of our population in 90 years undergoing various pervasive fraud scams ... What can you say about this? - Pyramid schemes are focused on attracting participants (most of the pyramids are not the actual product) and remuneration for these attraction. They are a group of people who take money from his followers as an investment and promise huge profits, although the money will not be invested. The natural result of this activity is to bankruptcy and failure to return the money received from the people. Therefore, these organizations are illegal in many countries.

Company QNET is not a pyramid scheme and does not lead such activities. QNET is a global direct selling company that distributes its exclusive products only through its online store. We provide real goods and services. QNET company is honored to be recognized as a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, which are part of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA). Membership in this association shall be subject to an intensive process of checking if the application for entry, where the compensation plan, policies and procedures and practice of QNET were carefully analyzed and approved. Thus, the company QNET can not be a pyramid scheme. 

- Which countries have QNET? Headquartered QNET, which is located in Hong Kong, supports more than 25 offices and agencies, more than 50 stores, as well as localized and franchises worldwide. Company's clients are residents of more than 100 Countries. Our Distributors are active in Key Markets BlizhnegoVostoka, Southeast and VostochnoyAziii TsentralnoyAzii. Kazakhstan has Been and Remains one of the Key Markets. 

- Joined the Company Whether QNET in Kazakhstan? Whether the products are certified QNET in our Country 

- Yes, QNET is an international company registered in Hong Kong and has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, with offices and agencies in more than 15 Countries Other. Purchase and sale transactions are Carried out Online, Thereby QNET does not require registration in Kazakhstan. HOWEVER, Given the geographic Size and Regional Importance of Kazakhstan, QNET has A Contract with A Company registered in Almaty, Which Acts as agent for QNET. As an agent of QNET TOO "International Bureau consulting" Rents an office, Hire staff and Pay Taxes. In addition, it Provides Support for customers and independent Representatives QNET and INFORMS Them of the ethical standards, Compliance with local laws, All the work is in Russian and Kazakh languages. QNET products have international CERTIFICATES. Furthermore, QNET Applied and has received CERTIFICATES for Their products from National Department certification in Russia, Which are applicable Throughout the Customs Union. Complete information About the products from reputable and CERTIFICATES Scientists, Laboratories and research facilities Provided on the Official Website 

- As a new law on combating the activities of financial pyramids in Kazakhstan affects the activities of QNET? 

- December 26, 2013 was adopted second reading of the draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating financial activities (investment) pyramids" in which not only a clear definition of the concept of "pyramid scheme ", but Also Determining the Difference Between it and network marketing. This WAS Bill Signed on 13 January President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Commenting on the Passage of the Bill on Second reading, the Deputy of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A member of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the Judiciary and Law enforcement Agencies Vladimir Bobrov Said That network marketing is not included Under the Category of Financial pyramids. THUS, the Bill Would be Beneficial for the Company QNET. People can not buy quality goods Only and services, but also to develop their business. 

- What products or categories of products are the most popular in Kazakhstan? 

- The Experience of our work - is Today, Watches and Jewelry, line of energy products, traveling QVI. Also popular in Kazakhstan is A Unique water filtration system, and exclusive Online educational program Swiss e-Learning Institute. Himself Product range includes A variety QNET of categories: Dietary supplements, products for personal care and Home, energy products, Luxury goods and Collectibles, Accessories, Travel Packages control products for body mass and Education Online Services and others. - But such A question: Are QNET products competitive on price ? Or They are more expensive than Similar products available in the market, since the sum of independent Commissions paid Representatives, already included in the price? - QNET Products Company are exclusive and Only sold in Their own Online store. They are competitive in price based on the Demand and the Corresponding Costs, such as Costs of Production, Product development, Logistics, marketing, etc. Unlike traditional Business Pricing margin where includes Distributors, local dealers, Shops and A Huge Advertising Budget, QNET Sells products to customers Directly Via the Internet, rather than in stores. THUS the amount of money That is charged with the traditional model of Distributors, local dealers, Shops and Advertising Agencies apply our independent representatives in commissions. 

- What is the mechanism of the company QNET? 

- Business model QNET Combines the Principles of two Industries - eCommerce and Direct sales. Any customer Buying food QNET has the Opportunity to Become an independent Representative (NP), or simply A Consumer. NP earns Commissions from sales of products / Services to Their Direct Referral (WHO Affiliate program Participants have registered on the Recommendation of another Party), as well as purchases of goods / Services through Made A Referral from His Team members. Important to note That Commissions are paid on the basis Only of sales of products / Services and not on the basis of Attracting referrals. The network is Built on A Solid Foundation of Trade, Which confirms once Again ITS Reliability. Should be Noted That Millions of people around the World appreciate the Possibilities of such system A Business. QNET Allows any Enterprising person to start small businesses especially without large capital investments, so even with multilateral assistance from the company. 

- Let's Say I want to do this ... How much Business money do I have to Pay to Join QNET? Once I Pay Fee, What is my next STEP? How fast can you Recover the money Invested in QNET, and What Will be the amount? 

- Any person who is interested to market products QNET, may be an independent representative of registering online and paying a registration fee of $ 30. Entry Fee includes A variety of Services, such as providing personal pages and virtual office independent Representative That Contain A variety of Business tools: Tracking of Commissions, Management network, training Videos, Business planner, marketing Materials and more. Attracting people and Their Membership FEES Will not Give the independent Commission Representative. Next STEP is to create A Certain Level of sales, IE Promoting products Retail and Services to customers QNET or purchase our own use, to activate the account and receive A Commission in Accordance with the compensation plan. money for the entrance Fee That you have USED, are not Investment or Capital. This price is for the entry and purchase products and Services. If you Achieve success in Promoting products QNET, Will you earn A Commission based compensation plan. 

- If I Introduce people to the QNET Business, Quickly How can I earn? What Should be my expected Earnings? 

- This Business is not related to the Involvement of Primitive people, or to Get Rich quick. Commissions are paid for the sale Only of products and not to Attract people. Obvious That It is the more products sold QNET, the Commission earns more Independent Representative . Besides Retail customers, you can invite Also Train and New independent WHO Representatives Will Distribute goods and Services QNET. It is Also Considered Part of the development of an independent Representative. But in order to succeed, you must Continue to acquaint customers with the products Train and more people to WHO Would you like to Join. The Key to success lies in A large, well-trained Team That can generate sales Properly. 

- Almaty already Appeared Offices QNET. Can I visit or use one of Them to Their Business start in QNET? 

- I repeat: none of QNET has ITS own registered office in Kazakhstan. The Company is represented in Kazakhstan in Almaty through Locally registered Company Called TOO "International Bureau consulting", Which Signed an Agreement with QNET agency. As an agency QNET "TOO" international Bureau Consulting "Provides Support for clients and handles All requests in the Kazakh and Russian languages, to make connection with QNET A Easier for Their customers. Offices That you mentioned, Most likely owned by our independent WHO Representatives and sell our products as Promote Individual Entrepreneurs. You can Join Them, or you can Open your own office. 

- Are the FEES paid to independent Representative Taxation in Kazakhstan? If so, How Should I Pay Taxes? - In Accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Commissions paid independent Representatives Considered Business Income. THUS, an independent Representative must register your Business in the Tax Department as Sole Proprietor A and Pay Taxes from Commissions he earns. Registration must be Made as soon as income from commissions will reach 12 times the Minimum Wage (About 1,300 US dollars) DURING the year. For further Questions About the registration of IP and Taxes can contact our agency in Almaty or with Tax Authorities for A full understanding of this issue. -

 And yet - what can I get a guarantee that my work as an independent representative will not be confused with a pyramid scheme? 

- Independent Representatives must follow our Read and P & P (Policies and Procedures) and the Code of Ethics. They Should Provide Complete information About QNET products and Services, and Clearly explain the compensation plan. Independent Representatives have to explain to A New client, That the money he Pays are Fee for registration as an independent Representative and Ordering products, while the money They can earn in Commissions Will be paid based on sales of products and Services Company. Independent Representatives must Ensure That the client understands That the money for the Fee entrance are not investments. If They help A Potential client or another independent Representative of an order, They Should Ensure That registration and the order Made in the presence of the customer, and A receipt is Printed Without delay. In addition, independent Representatives must Clearly Understand That They are QNET Promoting products, and do not buy products for QNET Subsequent Resale. Independent Representatives must Ensure the Security and confidentiality of personal All Data, such as passwords, copies of passports, etc. So here it is, in our view, full guarantees of legality and transparency of this business.


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