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Доступные швейцарские часы для мужчин представлены в Казахстане

News   •   May 15, 2014 10:51 SGT

The most important qualities required of these men's watches - it's accuracy, convenience and simple design. It was such a watch from Swiss masters Bernhard H. Mayer presented by Qnet on Kazakhstani court and offered to hold their test correspondent

These watches are named in honor of one of the best aircraft of the Second World War British Supermarine Spitfire. Obviously, watchmakers wanted to emphasize the fact that the watch is made easy and safe, as this is the plane. In addition, the aviation theme is traced on the dial and back of the watch.

Then just need to indicate that these watches - not for beauty and sports, ie, do not have a heap of additional features such as an alarm clock, a digital stopwatch, and many others, and do not have extra "frills." In my opinion, they should please those for whom the main thing - to know what time and day of the month. These watches perform its primary function as "excellent." Watchmakers together with the designers have tried to make this chronograph minimalistic, not overloaded with unnecessary details and easy to handle.

Now, first things first. The first, which is quite a pleasant surprise - a box for hours. Wood, black lacquer and leather cushion, which dressed watch. Stylish, masculine. Moreover, in addition to a certificate confirming the authenticity of watches and manual, which is painted, how to set the time and date, complete with clock goes napkin to wipe them. It would seem a small thing, but it's nice to think that the Swiss watchmakers even thought through it.

Obviously, the design of the dial is also carefully thought through. Green numbers on matte black background, and a small image of the aircraft itself, which was named in honor of this model watchmakers. All figures are easy to read, and even in the dark and illuminated! However, in my opinion, this is rather weak lights. But even in low light contrasting white arrows still distinguishable. However, to the bright lights and watch also adapted - on the inner surface coated sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating.

Strap designers also decided to perform a black and green design. As stated in the description of hours, which is a certificate confirming their original origin, the strap is made of a special water-repellent leather. This is especially true now, when it is hot outside and the skin begins to sweat under the strap. By the way, the material from which the body itself and hours back - Stainless steel. How to say the producers, thanks to this clock will not be demolished.

Two weeks later, I sneaked these hours, you can already make some conclusions. First, designers have chosen quite standard size for hours - not big, not small. Secondly, again I repeat - nothing more. Third, easy to read with them during the day. But at night - not very. Have to look closely. By cons can also include in addition dim lighting at night is also a fairly narrow band. Literally a couple of millimeters on each side - it would be just right! 

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