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أحمد صبرى: لا تخلطوا بين التسويق الإلكترونى والتسويق الشبكى

News   •   Aug 29, 2013 21:20 +08

Wrote: Youssef Ibrahim

Ahmed Sabry, Chairman, Academy of Digital Marketing Foundation IT VISION is one of the leaders of the leading pay industry e-marketing in Egypt through the establishment of an academy for digital marketing headquartered in Egypt and has branches in Arab countries, and one of the most main objectives is to spread awareness of the importance of this new and promising For the national economy and the economics of companies and institutions, has succeeded this academy to hold three conferences important in this field has been able which to highlight the importance of this area among companies of different specialties, and attracted a number of international experts, models and pilot initiatives globally and locally to put their experiences and stories of success on the Egyptian market . Interview magazine, the language of the times about incidents monument recent as marketing and the Internet, came his views in the opposite direction of what was raised from the clamor on the issue most important to network marketing is the area is very important and it is misunderstood and treated improperly, and that the successful experiences in network marketing-led Women of Egypt, called on us not confuse the network marketing and e-marketing. Here are the details of the interview: 

Ahmed Sabry says that network marketing is also known as the retina trade or direct selling, is a system used by some companies as part of its overall strategy for marketing. It is the structure of a designer to create a force in marketing and sales by profit potential promoters for the company's products through ترويجهم, not only through personal sales direct, but also for the sales of the promoters of others who joined the work out of their way, creating a network of distributors and chain web levels multi-profit reticular form, and thus any person who sells that product gets a margin for profit, the e-marketing is marketing through electronic channels such as Facebook, YouTube and others. He explained that people often confuse the two. We call for deployment of e-marketing because it is unable to make a breakthrough in Egypt, since it publishes the product on large numbers of people at lower cost. 

Speaking on the importance of e-marketing for companies stated that the greatest importance is the low cost and to clarify that mentioned an example of that amount that is spent on marketing the ordinary can exchange a quarter of that amount in e-marketing and achieve the same results that were not the best, for example if placing an ad Top October Bridge for all to see during the traffic, often there will be a certain segment targeted advertising, not everyone sees advertising, but In contrast, we find that e-marketing is also routable through the Internet, and other networks, you can target certain segments of the ages, social classes or division by occupation or geographic division, stratification can also be concerns. It also features e-marketing quickly access the media message Unlike traditional advertising, which take longer to reach the public and target segments, and the cost of advertising traditional television is very high and expensive, but Internet advertising and ads YouTube cheaper and cheaper, cost of announcement YouTube may arrive some times to 15 piasters per View. It also ensures that seeing the sights of the Declaration, and the online advertising you can target any area in the world for companies that export their products and aspires to universality. 
also achieves online advertising property measuring effectiveness and evaluation of the company for their products, so you can see which ad is the most influential and most achieve sales ratio is high, often says business we are sure that 50% of our budget wasted, but we can not determine which part is wasted. 

added that marketing channels mail are:
1 - ads. 
2 - advertising through search. 
3 - marketing through social networks. 
4 - marketing through mobile. 
5 - marketing through e-mail. 
6 - through content marketing. 
As mentioned a very important point is that the e-marketing in Egypt, the largest companies doing with that prompt more small emerging companies of its low cost. But small businesses do not rely on e-marketing because they lack the knowledge and experience in technology and technical matters. It must provide training and education suitable to them. 

and about his vision of the role of companies in the development of their capabilities in the field of e-marketing, he said: that companies need to develop a vision strategy in this area, and should be e-marketing one of the most important major hubs for the development of the information technology industry, where there are more 300 companies in the web design in Egypt, there are more than 20 thousand specialist trainees from the Ministry of Communications on Web technologies, and this large number is a human wealth can be exploited in this field to make the leadership of regional and international.  

Going back to talk about network marketing and not e-marketing, confirms he misunderstood and treated in a proper manner, and said: There are successful experiences in network marketing, mostly led by women in Egypt and the most famous network marketing fashion and beauty products such as avon, fiancé.  

And about what you need Egypt now from these species. Is Gigabit or mail? He stressed that Egypt needs more to e-marketing because its specific and communication with the public higher a channel and not a system which is one of the main channels for marketing in the world, and that e-marketing is the perfect solution amid crises experienced by Egypt for two reasons:  

1 - because it is using e-marketing can be lifted the burden a little bit and reduce the budgets of marketing and advertising for each company. 
2 - to exploit this electronic system is restricted up to the place, so you can companies that produce products can be exported to doing propaganda abroad at low cost as well, which will increase the country's exports in general. 
As for the controls e-marketing and networking, he said that consumer protection must be carried out in all the channels with the activation of the role of the Consumer Protection Agency, and added that the new legislation and laws and the law does not affect e-commerce e-marketing.

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