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QNET ignites the power of entrepreneurship for Qataris

News   •   Feb 24, 2014 10:18 +08

Today, there are many ways to earn an income. Some prefer the 9-to-5 job but some were born to carve their own path and start their own business, whilst enjoying more quality time with their families. They are called the new breed of ‘entrepreneurs’ where the balance between work and family is of utmost importance.

Direct sales can be a rewarding, life changing experience for someone looking to own their own business and determine their own financial destiny. The perks include: running your own schedule, being your own boss, setting your earning potential as high as you want, earning some fancy jewelry to wear or a fancy car to drive. Not every company is created equally though and there are some things you should consider before venturing into this field.

QNET, a prominent 15-year-old Asian direct selling company, offers bold entrepreneurs a good source of income. From a small, single-product company, it has grown today to offer a wide range of high quality products and services in nine different product categories. The company has been operating in the Middle East for nearly a decade through its regional hub in UAE.

Khaled Diab, Regional General Manager (MENA) for QNET, said: “There is growing interest and a high potential in making a living out of direct selling in the Qatari market. In fact, QNET is in the process of appointing an Agent to have on-ground support for our Qatari distributors.”

In Qatar, QNET has been actively supporting local sports as a sponsor of the ACL football championship. It has played a role at various matches taking place in Doha and have also partnered with local schools for the QNET Player Escort Programs.

With its focused R&D division, the company invests years to source and develop the right products for its diverse, global customer base. QNET provides enterprising Qataris regular training programmes, promotes a strong ethical code of conduct, supports its distributors with marketing materials and business tools and are available 24x7 through a multi-lingual customer support centre.

It specialises in high-quality lifestyle products and services which are sold through its e-commerce platform. Qatar is one of the most important emerging markets for QNET with its growing number of product orders from Qatari residents. QNET’s sales in the MENA region contribute approximately 48 per cent to its global sales. With Qatar’s economy booming, there is a higher spending power amongst its residents. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to provide fellow Qataris with products that promote wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. As direct sellers or known as Independent Representatives (IRs), they can also indirectly contribute to the region’s revenues.

As in any business venture, would-be entrepreneurs must be smart enough to check the background of the direct selling companies they are interested to join. They must do intensive research, understand the products they are selling and fully study the compensation plan.

With QNET, the company provides business-minded Qataris the necessary support such as training programs, business tools and clear guidelines on conducting the business. Creating awareness of the benefits of the direct selling industry in the Arab world and how consumers can distinguish genuine direct selling from financial frauds is part of the long-term agenda in QNET’s journey in Qatar.

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