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QNET launches AirPure for 99.9% safe, purified air

News   •   Sep 22, 2014 12:00 +08

QNET, the leading Asian direct selling company, has launched AirPure, an innovative product that aims at helping people breathe fresh, purified air, in an initiative to confront indoor air pollution and to better maintain overall human health.

AirPure is a high quality air purifier complying with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air ) standards, which state that air purifiers must filter particles of 0.3 micron in size and must be made for use in labs , medical premises, and airplanes.

AirPure purifies air in two stages. This allows the air that goes through AirPure to become 99.99% purified, as it becomes free of small particles that are 0.1 micron in size.

Major Benefits of AirPure
1. AirPure does not make use of a filter, which means there is no need to constantly replace filter cartridges, making AirPure both user-friendly and cost-effective!
2. AirPure’s Nano-membrane is partially biodegradable, making it a more environmentally-friendly device.
3. AirPure does not use UV light, which has a proven negative effect on health and the Earth’s ozone layer.
4. AirPure removes any particulate which is bigger than 0.1 micron, including airborne bacteria such as acinetobacter, bacilli, flavobacterium and streptomyces, as well as mould spores, human and pet hair, yeast cells, pollen, tobacco smoke, oil smoke, smoke from synthetic materials, coal dust, grain dust, dust mites, atmospheric dust, tea dust, talcum dust, insecticide dusts; burning wood, paint pigments, smoldering or flaming cooking oil, and liquid droplets.

Stage One: Pre-Purification/Water Surface Trapping
The first-stage of AirPure’s purification system involves the dual principles of water current and vacuum-creation working together. Air coming from the inlet of AirPure is forced across water surface at a specific angle. Impurities such as dust, smoke, and other pollutant particles are trapped in water. A fan in AirPure then directs the air flow towards the water surface and also creates a vacuum effect. This stage can trap pollutants of up to 10 microns.

Stage two: Nano-Membrane
This stage features the most advanced and unique air purification technology. After the air passes through the water surface, it reaches the nanotechnology-enabled organic polymer filter media (ultra-thin substance made up of polyester). This nano-membrane is designed to trap pollutants by mechanical means. Its very specific pore size is able to trap all remaining impurities up to 0.1 micron in size. As a result, the air coming from the outlet of AirPure is around 99.9% pure. Humans can then enjoy a healthy life without the threat of airborne diseases.


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