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QNET introduces AirPure, a new patented Air Purification Technology

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2013 10:49 +08

The air pollution problem in our cities, towns and homes has now reached an alarming level. Not only is the annual blight from the man-made haze seem to have reached an unprecedented and alarming stage, the ongoing global warming situation has led to newer, stronger, and more dangerous illnesses.

Unclean air causes respiratory problems, infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and viral infections, as well as irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. Sadly, the ones who suffer most because of unclean air are children.

Respiratory problems in children are on the rise. Increasing numbers of children around the world are suffering from respiratory problems, namely coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks.

On average, one out of every 10 school-age children has asthma, and each year, 10.5 million children globally miss their school days due to asthmatic related issues.

With this in mind, prominent Asian direct selling company, QNET has unveiled a new patented air purification technology that removes 99.9% of particle pollution, resulting in purified and safe air.

According to QNET’s Chief Executive Officer, Dave Osh, a good quality air purifier removes harmful particulates such as dust, pollen, mould and bacteria from the air you breathe.

“Thanks to a unique filtration technology, AirPure provides superior air purification for a healthy and safe environment in your home, office, or any indoor space. It’s time to start paying more attention to the air we breathe in the same way we think about the food we eat,” notes Dave Osh.

AirPure is a result of international collaboration between QNET product development in Malaysia and Scientists in Europe and Singapore.

“QNET unveiled this revolutionary home care product - the AirPure air filtration system – to the world late last year. It uses the latest innovative technology to remove 99.9% of particle pollution, giving you purified and safe air,” adds Dave Osh.

While it has always been said that outdoor air quality is the main cause of many respiratory illness, indoor air quality can be equally dangerous. Indoor air quality has become a growing concern as modern homes and buildings are constructed for energy efficiency through better insulation, weather-stripping, upgraded windows, and high-quality exterior doors.

Unfortunately, this causes some dangerous side-effects, especially on children. Indoor air quality suffers as the exchange of indoor and outdoor air is limited. Indoor air pollutants get trapped inside and can build up to harmful levels. Thus, it is important to find ways to clean the air to help filter out as many pollutants as possible.

How bad is indoor air? The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has posited that indoor air is one of the top 5 public health threats to Americans. This is alarming when one considers that most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors and approximately 65 percent of their time at home.

To safeguard your family’s health, an air purifier is essential. A high-quality air purifier such as those which pass HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) standards and are used in laboratories, medical facilities and aircraft, must filter particles of 0.3 micron in size. AirPure effectively removes particles as small as 0.1 micron. After purification with AirPure, air is approximately 99.9% pure.

Benefits of AirPure:

• AirPure does not have any filter, making it both user-friendly and cost-effective – there is no need for constant change of filters!

 • AirPure’s Nano-membrane is partially biodegradable, making it a more environmentally-friendly device.

 • AirPure does not use UV light (UV has a proven negative effect on health) and does not emit ozone (also harmful for health).

There is no question that prevention is the best medicine by far. This is especially true for children. Children and especially babies are susceptible to lung and physical development diseases, many of which can be brought about or worsened by indoor air pollution. Good air purifiers can also help reduce the medical costs for the whole family.

Since the haze blanketed the skies of both Malaysia and Singapore recently, large numbers of people have thronged outlets selling air purifiers and filtration products. Choosing the right air purifier is an important long-term decision. 

QNET is one of Asia’s leading Direct Selling companies with a dynamic online shopping and business community comprising around seven million customers and independent distributors around the world. The company offers an entrepreneurial network marketing business opportunity and a portfolio of lifestyle products that have been developed to enhance the lives of its customers through innovation, wellness and luxury.

Established in Asia in 1998, QNET utilises the direct sales business model on a proprietary eCommerce platform to market and distribute its exclusive products. The company specialises in everyday, consumer brands as well as high-end luxury goods.

QNET is a member of the Direct selling Association in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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