Press Releases

News Release: Fabric from Country Melody Collection, Casadeco, Goodrich

May 08, 2014 12:03 +08
Infuse poetry into your life…

A Catalog Feature: Be Inspired (Spring/Summer 2014) - FABRICS

May 07, 2014 17:36 +08
Spring has arrived and its time to get rid of the OLD and welcome the NEW...

News Release: Fabric from Lana Collection, Englisch Dekor, Goodrich

May 07, 2014 10:20 +08
A collection of upholstery fabrics made from 100% wool, Lana encompasses a colour palet...

News Release: Fabric from Lisbonne Collection, Casadeco, Goodrich

May 06, 2014 17:27 +08
Inspired by the charm and beauty of Lisbonne comes this forward looking stylish array o...

News Release: Fabric from Chantilly Collection, Casadeco, Goodrich

May 02, 2014 13:07 +08
The Chantilly collection will take you to a charming, refined world with an ambience th...

News Release: Fabric from Fantasy Collection, Casadeco, Goodrich

Apr 30, 2014 13:11 +08
Casadeco’s Fantasy is a cheery and sunny fabric collection..

News Release: Fabric from Kaiman Collection, Englisch Dekor, Goodrich

Apr 23, 2014 17:39 +08
Kaiman, a collection of trendy colours and striking designs takes its inspiration from ...

Goodrich Feature: GLAM with Shimmer & Shine

Apr 14, 2014 17:58 +08
Ever wondered how to uplift an ordinary space and give it an instant makeover?

News Release: Fabric from Coccodrillo Collection, Englisch Dekor, Goodrich

Apr 10, 2014 10:12 +08
Coccodrillo as the name suggest takes its inspiration from the hard coat of the crocodi...