Press Releases

Bristol Bay sockeye run almost on target

Jul 09, 2012 03:28 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Predictions show run is behind previous years but nearly on target to meet run expectations for the year.

CP Foods mulls production relocation to Vietnam, Malaysia

Jul 09, 2012 02:26 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Thailand's largest food export prepares for the end of privileges under the European Union's Generalized System of Preferences.

Alaska salmon fishery re-enters MSC assessment

Jul 06, 2012 05:30 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Agreement finalized after months of discussions.

Pacific Andes tight-lipped on US plans

Jul 06, 2012 04:30 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Pacific Andes declined to comment on rumors it is to buy the 40% in US processor National Fish and Seafood it doesn't own.

Scapeche hits back at EU commission

Jul 05, 2012 05:03 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Head of Intermarche's fishing fleet hits back at EU commission's claim that Intermarche 'misled consumers.'

US announces financial package for tuna treaty negotiations

Jul 05, 2012 04:24 SGT NHST Media Group Asia The US agreed to provide $63 million annually to Pacific Island parties over the next 10 years, for a total of $630 million.

BCSFA: 95 percent of BC salmon farming is BAP certified

Jul 04, 2012 03:18 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Industry racks up 17 certifications in the first half of 2012.

Red Tide hits as oyster demand spikes

Jul 04, 2012 02:26 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Distributor: Lack of demand is disappointing for customers over Fourth of July grilling holiday.

Cooke Aquaculture reports barge sinking days later

Jul 03, 2012 04:32 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Delay was due to breakdown in communications, says Canadian salmon farmer.

Santa Monica Seafood acquires Central Coast Seafood

Jul 03, 2012 03:34 SGT NHST Media Group Asia Deal to extend company's sales and reach on California's coast.