The Skull School in Philippine Art

Jul 15, 2011 10:45 SGT Artyii Sinister art is not new but it has bought some attention in recent years in Philippines. Disliked by some, but appreciated by others. This is truly acquired taste.

The Presence in the Heart of Summer Capital

Jul 14, 2011 18:14 SGT Artyii Transcending the minds. It's a mystery....

Optical Art - AT Sitompul

Jul 14, 2011 18:02 SGT Artyii Optical Art (Op Art) has come a long way ever since the exact term was first coined in 1964 by Time Magazine. This art contrive an illusion of movement, even though the art does not actually move. AT Sitompul has dedicated many years creating and expressing himself only through this kind of art.

Factory Manufactured Goods = Art

Jul 14, 2011 10:47 SGT Artyii In 1917, a urinal changed the way people view art. Duchamp didn’t mould the urinal, it was a readymade object anyone could purchase from a neighbourhood hardware shop. He merely flipped it over and ta-da! There’s a fountain! Much ridiculed at initially, it went on to become a top favourite among 500 art experts in 2004.

The Rise of Emerging Talents from Indonesia

Jul 13, 2011 14:29 SGT Artyii As the art scene in many parts of the world continue their recovery from the 2009 financial super-storm, the Indonesian art market has been surprising resilient.

Artist: Allison Marie Low

Jul 13, 2011 14:24 SGT Artyii One amazing thing about living in the 21st century is the abundance of talents and accessibility to reinterpret their inspirations through various art mediums. With this, mindsets and personal styles are ever evolving.

How to Critique Art - the Gentle Way

Jul 13, 2011 14:12 SGT Artyii Subjectivity grounds every individual unique in their own right and shapes each of them differently. Art and design are disciplines that are subjective to public’s scrutiny, and infrequently objective.

Tokyo Coolness at SAM 8Q

Jul 12, 2011 16:23 SGT Artyii The cool factor in SAM 8Q’s latest show is startling. Featuring a disco booth completed with mirrors and lights, a semi-functional hoverboard inspired by “Back to the Future” films and terabytes of digital data processing rapidly right before your eyes.

Watercolor Made Easy

Jul 12, 2011 14:54 SGT Artyii Like all forms of art, watercolor painting is not a medium one can grasp easily. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I will take you through 13 simple steps to painting your own honeysuckle spray bearing in mind that watercolor painting is actually a build up of layers of colors. This is an easier approach to applying color to your canvas.

Nanyang Style - Singapore's Pioneer Art Movement

Jul 12, 2011 14:35 SGT Artyii Singapore was known as Nanyang in the late 18th century. Representing South Seas in Chinese, Nanyang was a goldmine for many Chinese immigrants.Art was denied progression during this period of colonial rule. The first nationwide art class was also implemented reluctantly to comply with British examination standards.