Press Releases

News Release: Carpet from Reggie Robot Collection, Harlequin, Goodrich

Apr 22, 2014 18:03 +08
Harlequin has joined forces with leading Dutch rug manufacturer Brink & Campman to ...

News Release: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wallcoverings & Curtains

Apr 16, 2014 17:20 +08
Are you looking to replace your wallcoverings or curtains?

News Release: Carpet from Bamboo Collection, Lano,Goodrich

Apr 15, 2014 18:38 +08
This unique and innovative Bamboo collection features a high percentage of bamboo that ...

News Release: Carpet from Twist Collection,Scion,Goodrich

Apr 11, 2014 17:55 +08
Twist, a versatile shaggy rug collection in bold contemporary colours...

News Release: Carpet from Lace Collection, Scion, Goodrich

Apr 09, 2014 16:25 +08
Scion’s stylish collection, Lace, presents a symmetrical, interlocking geometric motif ...

News Release: Carpet from Blocks Collection, Scion, Goodrich

Apr 07, 2014 14:37 +08
Another innovative design from Scion, Blocks, will add a touch of modernity to your hom...

DID YOU KNOW, carpet rugs can muffle noise?

Apr 03, 2014 17:54 +08
Carpets improve room acoustic...

News Release: Carpet from Baca Collection, Scion, Goodrich

Apr 03, 2014 14:47 +08
From the fabulous range of Scion rugs comes Baca...

News Release: Carpet from Iona Collection, Harlequin, Goodrich

Apr 02, 2014 10:36 +08
Harlequin’s Iona rug collection is a geometric cube design...

News Release: Carpet from Enigma Collection, Harlequin, Goodrich

Mar 31, 2014 17:43 +08
Enigma by Harlequin is a smart, opulent design rug which is displayed in an array of ri...