Overview of Surbana Jurong

Nov 19, 2015 16:36 SGT Surbana Jurong Private Limited
Length  1:34

Surbana Jurong - Our key projects

Nov 12, 2015 15:46 SGT Surbana Jurong Private Limited Short video that showcases our key projects
Length  2:46

KONE Jumplift - Construction Time Use Elevator

Sep 29, 2015 15:56 SGT KONE KONE JumpLift is a construction time use elevator that enables workers to spend less time waiting for exterior hoists and more time working. Our unique scaffoldless, in-shaft installation method, installation means faster, safer and more efficient workflow. Exterior hoists can be removed and lower floors can be enclosed and finished sooner.
Length  5:18

Project 2050

Aug 18, 2015 10:21 SGT Surbana Jurong Private Limited Ever wonder what the world will be like in the year 2050? In this ‘Project 2050’, our architects and urban planners envisage what cities will be like in 35 years’ time. This video reinforces our credibility as a thought leader in the future design space, it examines the issues Asian cities will face in the future and explores urban strategies to overcome the future challenges of urbanisation.
Length  4:03

About KONE Maintenance

Jul 08, 2015 13:59 SGT KONE KONE service over 1 million elevators and escalators globally. We set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment. Whether it’s KONE or non-KONE equipment, our maintenance packages provide the highest-quality and most reliable service for keeping it running, in compliance to the highest safety standards.
Length  1:36

Learn about the safe use of elevators and escalators with Max & Bob!

May 11, 2015 09:00 SGT KONE Oh no, Bob broke his glasses! Follow Max and Bob making their way through a shopping mall with the help of elevators and escalators to find Bob a new pair of glasses.
Length  2:15

KONE UltraRope™

Mar 10, 2015 16:17 SGT KONE The KONE UltraRope™ is a new hoisting technology that could eliminate many of the disadvantages of conventional steel rope, and opens up new possibilities in high-rise building design. Comprised of a carbon-fiber core and a unique high-friction coating, KONE UltraRope is extremely light, which reduces energy consumption in high-rise buildings.
Length  3:17

KONE People Flow Intelligence Solutions

Mar 10, 2015 15:43 SGT KONE For us at KONE a great People Flow® experience means enabling people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably, and without waiting in and between buildings. KONE conducts systematic studies of how people move and what they need when they are traveling within a building.
Length  2:31

KONE Polaris Destination Control System

Mar 10, 2015 15:43 SGT KONE The KONE Polaris™ destination control system (DCS) provides clear guidance for passengers, assigning them to the most appropriate elevator according to their destination floor. It reduces travel times and eliminates overcrowding and unnecessary stops.
Length  1:32

Introduction to KONE - Dedicated to People Flow

Mar 09, 2015 11:56 SGT KONE Find out how KONE is plays a part in our daily lives, ensuring smooth and safe people flow for all around the world.
Length  2:29