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Jul 09, 2014 18:24 SGT Atos in APAC For over 20 years, Atos been working with the world’s most challenging customer setting up operations to fulfil an IT project unlike any other. Our Business Technologists step into unknown territory in countries where there is sometimes a limited Atos presence, they rewrite history every two years and deliver on an extraordinary scale under the scrutiny of the entire world.
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Brady's Customized Pipe Markers

Dec 05, 2012 14:04 SGT Brady Corporation Pipe markers enhance and facilitates traceability for repairs, saving time and money. Brady's polyester pipe maker is a high performance, customizable solution with broad application. Tested to withstand extensive temperature tests of 120 degrees centigrade, UV exposure, chemical resistance, immersion, weathering and abrasion, it is compliant to industry standards such as ASME and OSHA.
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QNET - A Leading Asian Direct Selling Company

Nov 19, 2012 12:02 SGT QNET
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How AirPure works

Oct 03, 2012 10:23 SGT QNET A demonstration on how AirPure works.
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InShape by QNET

Oct 03, 2012 10:23 SGT QNET
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Brady Butterfly Valve Lockout Device

Sep 19, 2012 09:35 SGT Brady Corporation The Butterfly Valve Lockout Device serves to effectively lock out butterfly valves with a lever handle in the OFF position so that it may not be engaged or moved. It is available in two sizes (large and small), and will accommodate handle thicknesses of: * Small - 1/8" to 2-1/2" [3.2mm to 63.5mm] * Large - 2" to 4" [50.8mm to 102mm]
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Brady Lockout / Tagout Devices

Jun 15, 2012 14:43 SGT Brady Corporation Brady offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. In addition, Brady's Lockout Pro Software makes it easy for you to implement your own lockout/tagout procedures & policies, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.
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ToughStripe Floor Marking Tapes

Jun 15, 2012 14:22 SGT Brady Corporation ToughStripe Floor Marking products are used to mark your facility's aisles, walkways, safety hazards, storage areas, and more. It is available in continuous tape, corner marks (Ls, Ts and crosses) and a variety of die-cut shapes, including floor arrows, footprints & dots. Brady's ToughStripe products are made of heavy duty polyester or vinyl that resists oil, moisture, solvents and scuffing.
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Brady BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer

Jun 15, 2012 13:42 SGT Brady Corporation BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer is an easy-to-use, versatile printer that can print signs and labels up to 4" wide. It features a large touchscreen display with drag & drop label design and an intuitive home screen that allows you create labels quickly & easily. BBP®31can print on hundreds of different labels, tapes, tags and materials. It can operate as a stand-alone printer or connect to a PC.
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Brady BMP71 Label Printer

Jun 15, 2012 11:22 SGT Brady Corporation BMP71 is a portable cable and wire label printer, providing printing solution for the telecom/datacom and electrical markets. BMP71 is also good for printing health and safety signs and labels in the process industries. BMP71 comes with over 400 different labels options for a variety of applications.
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