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10 Steps to build your brand newsroom, before getting to top of Google search.

Apr 09, 2014 09:00 SGT Mynewsdesk Can the media find relevant information to supplement their story? With changes in Google’s algorithms, brands must do more than just optimizing their content for search. Before getting on the top of search results, one must first know how to build a brand newsroom. Here are 10 key moves that will help build your brand newsroom to it fullest potential.

Take hold of the World's largest Twitter City by understanding its unique DNA

Mar 27, 2014 10:51 SGT Mynewsdesk Jakarta ranks #1 Twitter city. Indonesia is the 5th biggest country on Google+, and 4th on Facebook. From content to transforming culture - Learn insights on penetrating this phenomenal market.

From newsroom to LinkedIn, with just one click

Mar 24, 2014 10:33 SGT Mynewsdesk With one click, publish your stories from your media/press centre to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress blog and other social channels.

Toshiba's Chief Specialist (Digital Communications) on their PR Strategy

Mar 10, 2014 16:58 SGT Mynewsdesk In a recent article from Cross Marketing, Chief Specialist Takafumi Arai (Digital Communications & SMART Community) shared insights on Toshiba Corporations’s PR strategy.

Think beyond press releases. The great journalist exodus has begun.

Feb 28, 2014 13:45 SGT Mynewsdesk “If there is one thing I want to do, it’s kill off the press releases.” Coming from Coca-Cola Company's digital communications head Ashley Brown, the sound bite proved itself memorable. Beyond the rhetoric and headline-worthy statement, what does his pioneering decision really mean?

3 Keys to Social Media success. See how this brand brings Barclays Premier league to its 181k fans #TellYourStory

Feb 26, 2014 13:05 SGT Mynewsdesk With more than 20 social channels in 7 languages and 181,000 fans to manage, blogger-turned-Social Media Manager shares tips to social media success. Learn how QNET brings its fans closer to the Barclays Premier League Match between Manchester United and Swansea.

How do you build your internal newsroom team? Think like how the editor of Financial Times or Vogue would.

Feb 19, 2014 09:10 SGT Mynewsdesk Think like how the editor of Financial Times or Vogue would. Gear up your brand to be social and study this model, which will eventually build brand loyalty, customer retention and new sales.

Mynewsdesk tunes up Shazam's digital comms

Feb 04, 2014 09:08 SGT Mynewsdesk At the recent Grammy's, audiences "Shazam - ed" more than a million times, boosting music track sales, and engagement between fans and artistes/bands they love. Shazam did it again, at last night's Superbowl. Being at the forefront of digital, which calls for real-time responses and efficient communication, Shazam incorporated Mynewsdesk into its communications process.

"Small Data": buzzword for 2014?

Jan 15, 2014 10:02 SGT Mynewsdesk How do you measure the effectiveness of your PR? An introduction to analytics for PR with insights.

If I were a Superhero...

Jan 03, 2014 19:10 SGT Mynewsdesk More good news to kick start the New Year! Our Superhero Contest has officially ended and it’s time for us to name the winners and give out some prizes. We’ve seen comments ranging from the hilarious to the heartwarming but unfortunately only 8 contestants will walk away with prizes.