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Nov 13, 2015 14:20 SGT Mynewsdesk Here at Mynewsdesk, we strive to ensure your communications is at its best. We focus on constantly improving our platform and make frequent updates to improve your user experience and bolster the strength of your newsroom.

Download The Press Release Refresher For PR Pros

Nov 04, 2015 09:30 SGT Mynewsdesk Press, Release, Rewind: learn the ​best press release practices​ and brush up on your existing skill set.

Brand Storytelling - Is your newsroom up to the task? Take this quiz

Oct 16, 2015 11:30 SGT Mynewsdesk We got "Newsroom Grade: A" on "How effective is your online newsroom?" What about u? #newsroomquiz #PR

Decoded: #BrandNewsroom Jargon

Oct 06, 2015 15:43 SGT Mynewsdesk “API’s”, “tags”, "Canonical URLs" - what are they exactly, and how to leverage on them for a optimized content hub?

Veteran News Producer on Video Content Strategy

Sep 23, 2015 16:03 SGT Mynewsdesk Veteran producer & former Bureau Chief of CNBC Australia, Mark Laudi, talks about video content strategy and partnership with Mynewsdesk to bring content further.

Peugeot: Driving Web Traffic With Mynewsdesk

Sep 18, 2015 11:24 SGT Mynewsdesk

SEO Dos & Don'ts | Advice From The Newsroom Experts

Sep 03, 2015 09:43 SGT Mynewsdesk SEO Dos & Don'ts from our product developers. Maximise exposure, interest and engagement. What better way, than to hear from the folks who have gotten their hands dirty!

Transforming PR workflow for a Telecommunications company

Aug 26, 2015 09:47 SGT Mynewsdesk Telia Denmark, part of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Nordics uses Mynewsdesk to ease their PR workflow. PR Manager David explains how Mynewsdesk helped his organisation ease and improve their workflow and communications.

​What Can We Learn From YOUR Newsrooms?

Aug 24, 2015 10:11 SGT Mynewsdesk Everyday we see our customers using their newsrooms in creative and wonderful ways, reaching wider audiences and generating the impressive levels of coverage that their content deserves – so it’s about time we gave credit where credit’s due!

Trusted Australian Cloud in Higher Education

Aug 19, 2015 14:24 SGT Atos in APAC Cloud Adoption is essential in the Digitization of the University curriculum. With a new generation of students who are more connected digitally, demanding greater access to digital content and resources, Universities are forced to organize their IT department into a more agile and flexible organization. Find out more from Kay Hooghoudt, VP Digitalization, Atos