Alexis Cha

Mynewsdesk Alexis is passionate about using technology to help businesses work efficiently to maximise their PR and marketing budgets. Given her client centric and problem solving nature, her interest lies in aligning your communication strategy and business objectives. With a background in marketing & communication research and having worked with clients from varied industries, our Business Development...

Panasonic Asia Pacific For inquires to the Cambodia office of Panasonic Asia Pacific

Panasonic Asia Pacific Chief representative of Panasonic Asia Pacific's Myanmar branch

Scott Andrew

Mynewsdesk Scott has a keen marketing eye for the ever-changing world around him. His whimsical side immediately puts people at ease the moment they meet him, making him a perfect fit for the role of Marketing & Client Services Manager. Always busying himself with the ways of the force but never too busy to have a chat, a cup of coffee, or even better - a drink.

Deborah Crystal Lee

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