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Sustainability Begins at Home: The New Breed of Eco-friendly “Smart” Houses

Jul 01, 2015 13:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Though there may be some who continue to debate its very existence, it is difficult to deny that climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. And while tackling the problem relies largely on governments making changes at a global level, increased awareness of the causes of climate change has led to a seismic shift in mindset at the consumer level.

After Years of Hype, "Smart" Cities Are Finally Taking Hold

Jun 25, 2015 09:30 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific ​Billed as the future of urban living, “smart” cities have been on the horizon—and the drawing board—for more than a decade. But this new breed of digitally integrated metropolis, in which embedded technology is used to enhance standards of living and sustainability, is no longer a mere pipe dream as the first wave of “smart” cities has come to fruition in a variety of locations around the world.

Is Your Electrical Wiring Safe?

Jun 19, 2015 09:07 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific In a society where technology is ubiquitous, we often think little of electrical outlets or how we access electricity to power modern conveniences. However, to technicians and home builders, safe and high quality wiring devices remain top concerns.

Improving the Air Quality in Your Home When Haze Strikes

Jun 17, 2015 16:53 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Haze caused by fires knows no boundaries. It’s often carried from distant burn-offs into the hearts of cities across Asia. While it will take a united effort to tackle pollution and deforestation, there are still things you can do to improve the air quality in your home.

Why Green Building?

Jun 12, 2015 09:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific According to the results of the Green Building Market Report Southeast Asia 2014, green building practices are being adopted by increasing numbers of architects and developers throughout SEA. With 46 per cent of architects having already sought green building certification by 2014, and with 79 per cent stated their intention to do so in the future. What is driving the trend towards green building?

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Management Systems for Greener Living

Jun 08, 2015 15:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Recent flooding in Malaysia and Indonesia highlight the need for improvements in water management systems. We take a look home water management systems which can be used to mitigate the effects of heavy rainfall and also make water available for use in times of drought.

Binishell Building and Other Green Construction Methods

Jun 03, 2015 18:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Even as green building technologies emerge and evolve today, there are still some innovative designs that have been around for a long time, but adopted on a smaller scale. The Binishell is one such example.

The Onset of the Smart Nation Shows a Sign of Things to Come in Modern Urban Living

May 27, 2015 09:20 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Singapore is suited to become the world's first fully integrated Smart Nation. Much of the infrastructure is already in place and the government's new Smart Nation initiative is designed to give the country the boost it needs to make the vision a reality.

Sustainable residential design: Is it worth the money?

May 22, 2015 08:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific One of the main reasons why home builders don't embrace sustainable design is because of the extra costs involved. However, while the initial cost of a sustainable home may be higher, if you look at this as an investment in future savings, the picture changes. In the long run, a sustainable home is a more economical home.

How a Geothermal-powered Home Reduces Environmental Impact and Saves Money

May 19, 2015 14:30 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Geothermal energy promises to reduce dependence on coal and other carbon-emitting sources of energy. While geothermal energy is important, it is not our only alternative. Large-scale geothermal plants can provide electricity to millions when combined with solar power in individual homes, drastically reducing energy costs with minimal environmental impact.