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Five solutions for smart living and town development

Nov 26, 2015 15:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific The inaugural Panasonic Developers’ Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia highlighted Panasonic’s key proposals for smart town development. Here are five of the top picks.

How green building ratings can revolutionise wide-scale sustainable living

Nov 20, 2015 17:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific With the proliferation of different green building ratings systems, indexes and certifications over the past two decades, it’s time to explore how this trend affects green building in Asia.

The Waterside Condominium, Singapore

Nov 12, 2015 10:00 SGT KONE Faced with the need to modernize the 24 passenger elevators at The Waterside Condominium, property owners knew a standardized approach would not work. Their priorities were clear: energy efficiency, reliability and lifelong performance of equipment.They turned to KONE for the elevator system upgrade.

Maximising the Value of Landed Properties: A Study of Tokyo Homes

Nov 05, 2015 11:30 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Like many megacities, space in Tokyo is at a premium. While the city accounts for a mere 0.6% of Japan’s total land area, it is home to 10.5% of the nation’s 127 million people. But, Panasonic’s housing subsidiary, PanaHome, is helping homeowners benefit even more from their property through its first seven-storey pre-fabricated house in Japan, the Vieuno 7.

The underpinnings of a successful smart city

Nov 03, 2015 14:32 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific As smart cities are becoming more and more prevalent around the world, we also see an increasing number of new innovations in design and technology. However, it is often easy to simply associate ‘smart’ with buildings or cities that run in automation or with robotics and provide connection to data and services in order to improve services and eco-friendliness.

Six Innovative Concepts Connecting Our Future Homes

Oct 30, 2015 14:00 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific In Panasonic’s interpretation of the future, we see six ways in how technology can support the connection that we can share with our homes, the people in our lives and most of all simply make a busy working life just a little bit easier.

Building Foundations for Smarter Cities From the Ground Up

Oct 28, 2015 09:30 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific With megacities in Asia developing at a breakneck pace, smarter sustainable developments are becoming readily necessary. Read how Panasonic is building the foundation and defining what smart cities should be through key developments in Japan.

Lighting Effects: Bringing the Shopping Atmosphere in your Store to Life

Oct 12, 2015 10:35 SGT Panasonic Asia Pacific Advanced lighting technologies can significantly enhance the appeal and success of a shopping environment. Here’s how retailers can amplify the retail atmosphere in their stores with lighting effects, and provide customers with a richer and more fulfilling shopping experience.

What Volkswagen is doing right in the emissions scandal

Oct 06, 2015 17:47 SGT Hong Bao Media

Jem - The Crown Jewel of Jurong, Singapore

Oct 06, 2015 10:00 SGT KONE Jem® is the first lifestyle hub in West Singapore to integrate shopping, entertainment and offices under one roof. The space-efficient, energy-saving solutions offered by KONE represented an important advantage for Jem® in their aspiration to attain Platinum-level Green Mark certification for the building. Find out more about KONE solutions for Jem® in this article.