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Worldchefs Congress Shifts to Thessaloniki, Greece - New Location Boasts Better Accessibility And Savings For Members

May 14, 2015 12:31 SGT WORLDCHEFS The Worldchefs Congress Committee has confirmed the change in location of the upcoming Worldchefs Congress 2016 from the original location of Athens to Thessaloniki, Greece.

Scandinavian built Humanitarian vessel Vega sails 15,000 kilometers to aid remote island communitiess

Jan 14, 2014 13:03 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA Every year for the past 10 years the 122 year old Scandinavian built Humanitarian vessel Vega has sailed over 15,000 kilometers gathering and delivering over 20 tons of new educational and medical supplies to some of the world's most remote island communities.

Vega's Image portfolio for the delivery season 2012

Jan 21, 2013 09:30 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA This is the URL link to Vega's high rez Image portfolio for the delivery season 2012. All images are 300 dpi in Adobe RGB color balanced for offset printing.

120 year old sailing vessel Vega wants to return to Norwegian regestery

Jan 19, 2013 10:18 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA For several years now we have been trying to get the 120 year old Norwegian built humanitarian vessel Vega back under her original flag. Now at last there is a chance this can happen, but only if we receive help from all of our friends and the press in Norway.

Her vacation was a mission of mercy aboard a 120-year-old historic vessel

Mar 30, 2012 14:31 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA For most of us vacation is a time for multi stared resorts, exotic beaches, dancing the night away and being pampered as we lounge about rubbing in the suntan lotion and downing well iced drinks. But for some like Singaporean Joanne Har last years vacation was a time for adventures at sea and unselfish service to humanity.

Humanitarian Vessel Vega holds 120 th birthday celebrations at Boat Asia Boat Show in Singapore

Mar 21, 2012 12:17 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA This year the Historic Humanitarian vessel Vega will be officially 120 years old. The event will be attended by the great grandson of Vega's designer and builder Ole Nerhus and several other key events during the Boat Asia Boat Show - 12 - 15 April - at Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore

Jan 12, 2012 18:01 SGT Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore To boost ASEAN’s tourism competitiveness, member states agreed to closer collaboration and efforts to advance cruise tourism in the region, at the recent ASEAN Tourism Ministers’ Meeting (ATM-M) in Manado, Indonesia.

Dec 14, 2011 10:53 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA Although well known around the world Vega is little known in Norway where once she was famous. That she should be unknown in the country of her birth is a shame. As a journalist you have the power to change this by informing your readers about Vega, her history, and her current humanitarian work. We are ready to do all we can to help you with high quality images and interviews. Please, read on...

Dec 01, 2011 10:03 SGT Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts After an elegant refurbishment, the only Turkish gulet in the Maldives archipelago is back with more intimate adventures on offer. A classic flagged double-mast yacht, Banyan Velaa is a 30-metre seafaring ketch designed for superior sailing and comfort.

Humanitarian Vessel Vega to Implement WHO Millennium Development Goals

Nov 26, 2011 15:50 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA In cooperation with the World Health Organization’s Millennium Development Goals Vega’s 2012 Missions of Mercy will continue to target the reduction of maternal and infant mortality by delivering donated tools, supplies, and training information to the communities we assist. It is estimated that in these Midwives and Health Workers kits reduce maternal and infant mortality by as much as 40%.