Yii S/S15 Lookbook Shot 2

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Yii S/S15 Lookbook Shot 1

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Are your storage spaces accessible?

Jan 12, 2015 18:30 SGT Edits Inc. If your furniture is not easy to use, and you've had it for some time, take the opportunity to get new ones when you're organizing. After changing the old, deep TV console and computer stand to this new one with drawers, we could fit all the CDs and board games. Making the storage space more accessible means we could keep more things inside. Simple as that.

Not all furniture are made equal. Here's why.

Jan 11, 2015 18:30 SGT Edits Inc. Some furniture are like airheads - pretty to look at, but not very useful around the house. We couldn't fit standard files and A4 storage containers in this bookshelf, because it just isn't deep enough. So A4 papers (bottom right) have to have their broadest side facing front, as in the picture. Not great for visibility. Moral of the story? Plan and measure thrice before heading to the store.

Wardrobe overhaul, without breaking the bank

Jan 10, 2015 18:30 SGT Edits Inc. If your wardrobe has removable shelves in its bottom section, replace them with additional hanging or drawers to increase the storage space. Shelves at the bottom are hard to reach, especially for those with well-developed bellies, and quickly become black holes. Get hanging rods from a neighborhood store, and drawers from our beloved Muji. It'll cost way less than a wardrobe overhaul.

How to maximize your window ledge

Jan 09, 2015 18:30 SGT Edits Inc. This is a fun way to get the most out of your window ledge - place a short bookshelf on the ledge and mount a table top on it. And viola, you have a standing desk, that comes with storage underneath, And an awesome view! A perfect set-up for those who work at home. Get some high chairs and turn it into a breakfast corner, or to sit on when your legs get tired. Better than working at Starbucks!!

Organizing the mish-mash in your storage spaces

Jan 08, 2015 18:30 SGT Edits Inc. The before picture shows a mish-mash of items in the wardrobe - summer and winter clothes, bags, bedsheets, boxes of electrical items. But it becomes magically empty in the "after". We don't have Tinkerbell on staff - just some elves who plan which categories of items go into each little storage space. Try that - it'll make your space feel more organized instantly.

Celebrate SG50 Concert - Siti Nurhaliza

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Celebrate SG50 Concert - Sezairi

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Celebrate SG50 Concert - Rahimah Rahim, Sezairi

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