Papers, papers everywhere, and the desk is not to be seen

Jun 19, 2014 20:15 SGT Edits Inc. It may seem hard to maintain our love affair with papers, without creating a biohazard on the top of our desks, but one tip is also you need. Instead of making flat piles (placing papers on top of each other), make vertical piles instead, by slotting paper next to each other. Read our blog posts to find out more!

Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus in Harper's Bazaar Magazine - Anniversary Edition

Jun 18, 2014 14:36 SGT QNET QNET's Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus watch in an editorial coverage in Kazakhstan's Harper's Bazaar magazine - Anniversary Edition.

Overflowing health and beauty product samples

Jun 17, 2014 11:45 SGT Edits Inc. This is a very common sight at the offices of magazine writers - samples chaos. Envy-inducing sight, but a total eyesore, safety hazard, and almost impossible to find what you need. However, this is not inevitable. Read our blog post to find out how you can be rid of this chaos, PERMANENTLY.

Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus Watch in Robb Report

Jun 16, 2014 13:05 SGT QNET Robb Report, a luxury lifestyle magazine in Kazakhstan, has featured an editorial coverage of Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus Watch in their luxury products section alongside Christian Dior and Montegrappa.

Ad of Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus Watch in Men's Health

Jun 16, 2014 13:01 SGT QNET Kazakhstan's Men’s Heath magazine has published a full page ad of Bernhard H. Mayer® Virtus Watch.

Thank you for making Clarke Quay's inaugural pop up gourmet series a success!

Jun 12, 2014 18:13 SGT Clarke Quay Thank you for making Clarke Quay's inaugural pop up gourmet series a success! Watch this space for more exciting events coming your way!

Edits Inc interviewed on AM Live! at Channel NewsAsia, 24 Jan 2014

Jun 04, 2014 22:31 SGT Edits Inc. Our Founder, Haw-San Au-Yong, was interviewed on AM Live!, Channel NewsAsia's morning program, ahead of the Chinese New Year season. We shared tips on how to declutter and the keys to keeping it at bay after the celebrations are over. View the full video at:

Participants having a contest at Edits Inc's workshop at Muji

Jun 04, 2014 22:17 SGT Edits Inc. Two workshop attendees were chosen to participate in a time-trial to see which storage approach takes the least time to maintain and to access the items. Once again, we prove that the right storage methods do help us to shave minutes off organizing the home/office.

Advising Muji's customers on their purchase at the workshop

Jun 04, 2014 22:10 SGT Edits Inc. One of the things we do is to educate consumers on the RIGHT storage containers and furniture to buy, so that they can bring home an item that helps solve their clutter problem, rather than adding TO it. Very often, customers are attracted by gadgets that look good, but would take more than 10 seconds to access or put-away the items they need. For storage, choose function over form.

Edits Inc mentioned on Muji's social media page, 19 Apr 2014

Jun 04, 2014 21:58 SGT Edits Inc. We're glad that Muji's marketing team were really happy with how the workshop turned out and the sales that it generated. Most of all, we're very glad to hear that customers picked up very useful tips that they can apply practically in their homes and offices. Looking forward to more of such workshops in the future!