SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift Backgrounder

Nov 21, 2014 00:13 SGT SG50

Jubilee Walk

Nov 20, 2014 11:41 SGT SG50

Art Connector & Portraits of the People Campaign

Nov 20, 2014 11:36 SGT SG50

Celebration Fund Projects

Nov 18, 2014 19:20 SGT SG50 The Flash Fiction Collection, Beat/Rhythm of the Nation, SG50-Project Care, and Singapore DJ’s Guinness World Record are some examples of projects initiated by Singaporeans as to how they would like to celebrate the nation's 50th birthday. Read on more to be inspired as to how you can celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee by tapping on the Celebration Fund.

Translated terms for SG50

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Logo and Branding Guidelines

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Humanitarian Vessel Vega images samples for download

Oct 28, 2011 16:06 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA This PDf file contains an overview of 100+ images at 300 dpi Adobe RGB ready for printing. Use the pdf to view and select for layout then down load the original from You will also find several good text and interview docs there to help with background and history.

VEGA in The Business Times 2010

Oct 24, 2011 17:38 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA

VEGA in the Straits Times Newspaper 2010

Oct 24, 2011 17:37 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA

VEGA on Gaia Discovery 2010

Oct 24, 2011 17:36 SGT Historic Vessel VEGA