4th World Shale Oil & Gas logo

Sep 11, 2013 12:36 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations The World Shale Oil & Gas: Summit and Exhibition is organized by The CWC Group, twice winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. CWC has a 15-year track-record in delivering energy events and training globally, focused on Oil & Gas Exploration & Production, LNG, GTL, Shale Gas, Local Content, O&G Logistics & Technology, Infrastructure and Water Management.

25m3 Clamshell Dredger "Pandora"

Jun 21, 2013 08:00 SGT East Marine Pte Ltd Flagship Dredger "Pandora" in action at Pasir Panjang Port Singapore

Chiselling Work At Kabil Port Batam

Jun 21, 2013 08:00 SGT East Marine Pte Ltd Hard Material being Chiselled in Kabil Port , Batam

Sincro Energy Systems Pte Ltd launches distribution of Sincro products in Singapore

May 22, 2013 11:00 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Sincro Energy Systems launched in Singapore to distribute Soga, Sincro, Agrowatt and Soga energies branded products. Sincro Energy Systems is based in Singapore as Soga S.p.A’s hub in Asia. Sincro products are known for their quality, reliability and durability. Soga Energy Team offers continuous innovation, customized solutions, an international presence and an active after sales service.

Mr Michael Sengol, CEO of Meritus Hotels & Resorts - Official Hanging of Stars Ceremony

Mar 19, 2012 11:01 SGT Meritus Hotels and Resorts

Forexia® Wood Composite Decking Project Reference - Telok Kurau Bungalow Roof Top Garden

Feb 15, 2012 18:31 SGT Evorich Flooring One of the things to consider when choosing outdoor decking is safety especially if your family has children. Forexia® wood composite decking is suitable for outdoor decking as it is slip resistant which prevent people from slipping during rainy days. Even with constant exposure to rain and shine; this material is UV resistant which means that the colour of the decking material will not change.

Tropical Eco Decking for Your Resort Living Lifestyle

Feb 15, 2012 09:36 SGT Evorich Flooring Palm wood decking, or many would call it, coconut wood decking gives your outdoor area that kind of Balinese and resort living lifestyle. This is because such wood grows from tropical countries such the Caribbeans, Pacific Islands and many parts of Southeast Asia. And because of that, by installing palm wood for your decking, you can change the entire landscape into a tropical haven @ home.

Accoya® Wood Project References: Timber Cladding @ Best Western Hotel Restaurant in Thailand

Feb 09, 2012 20:56 SGT Evorich Flooring Cladding change the look and shape of your interiors designs. By using Accoya® for timber cladding purposes, it not only helps in beautifying the interiors, residential and commercial property owners also contributes their little part in building sustainability in global forests. To make your wall cladding long lasting, choosing the right material for it is therefore of utmost importance.

Accoya® Wood Trellis @ Pebble Bays Condominium, Singapore

Jan 14, 2012 09:18 SGT Evorich Flooring Accoya® wood is a treated natural wood that has outstanding durability & resistance against all weather condition. Hence, it is very suitable for outdoors construction such as shelter, trellis, roofing as well as decking. Home owners who installed Accoya® wood enjoy a 50 years warranty for above ground and 25 years warranty for below ground construction thus giving the home owner a peace of mind.

Accoya® Wood Decking @ Park Central AMK DBSS Installed by Evorich

Dec 30, 2011 16:21 SGT Evorich Flooring Today, we can see an increase in demand for wood decking, partly due to the new designs and layout of private and public housing projects today. Despite limited spaces, eco decking at your private balcony or planter area, adds on to the beauty of your home landscape and enhances sustainability at home. Accoya® is covers 50 year manufacturer's warranty on decking or any wood works above ground.