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Brand Engagement: Start with a cuppa coffee #TellYourStory

Oct 18, 2013 14:43 SGT Mynewsdesk How do you present your brand experience to audiences? Start with a cuppa coffee. Find out how Sennheiser engage youths through coffee culture.

How to Make Content Work Harder For You: The Future of Digital Journalism

Oct 03, 2013 10:36 SGT Mynewsdesk With the catalytic power of digital completely revolutionizing the world of journalism as we know it, consumers are now expecting news anywhere, anytime and with up-to-the minute updates. This digital revolution now allows viewers to engage with journalists at the scene of a story, and directly with the newsroom - real-time, multichannel and multimedia.

Sep 23, 2013 09:53 SGT Mynewsdesk "Business networking is a communal solution to the challenges of starting, running and growing a successful business. As such it relies on maintaining a number of social relationships. These social relationships in business are based heavily on trust and require a lot of face to face nurturing." – Dave Clarke, NRG

How to tell good stories in PR, and why it matters

Sep 11, 2013 14:30 SGT Mynewsdesk To help pinpoint what makes for good PR storytelling, and why it is important, I asked PR experts to share their wisdom.

BooksActually - More than just your regular bookstore #TellYourStory

Sep 02, 2013 16:48 SGT Mynewsdesk Nestled amongst the mishmash of old and new in Tiong Bahru Estate, one of Singapore’s oldest estates, lies the charmingly quaint bookstore – BooksActually. Hardly your typical bookstore, each customer embarks (or continues) their literary journey together with BooksActually. And for some others, it was the place where love transpired (we have one to share in the later paragraphs!)

We have new product updates!

Aug 26, 2013 09:46 SGT Mynewsdesk We have a couple of product updates for you guys! Read on for more details.

Is your story a good story? What makes one?

Aug 23, 2013 11:51 SGT Mynewsdesk We hoped you enjoyed the previous 2 teaser posts on the 2013 Brands and Media (Asia) Engagement Survey Report + Infographic, we’re now on to the teaser for the last section – What makes a good story? It is important to know what makes a good story because if your story isn’t good or interest-worthy then, what difference would it make whether your press release frustrates them or not?

APPIES 2013: Celebrating the best marketing ideas in Asia

Aug 21, 2013 16:49 SGT Mynewsdesk An annual festival to celebrate the best marketing ideas in Asia, this 2-day long event recognizes 100 of the most brilliant and inspiring brand campaign ideas and invites these brands to present their campaign. However, only 10 out of this 100 will then go on to win the APPIES Gold Medals. The fast-paced, no fluff ‘4-6-10’ format of the APPIES is what makes it so distinctively exciting.

Psst: Insider know how - exclusive offer... find out how to create the best headlines

Aug 14, 2013 10:34 SGT Mynewsdesk The subject line on an email newsletter is crucial if you want your audience to read it. Writing a catchy headline is something of an art. It’s a struggle which many journalists go through every day - yet that’s nothing compared to what newsletter-editors are up against. This is the reasoning behind Worldata website, which essentially puts your headlines to the test.

Are you frustrating journalists and bloggers with your media release?

Aug 13, 2013 09:30 SGT Mynewsdesk Last week, we shared with you tips on how you can make journalists and bloggers (reporters) happy with your media release. Today, let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum and find out what frustrates them. Are you unknowing (or maybe, knowingly) frustrating them?