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Laminate Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance ~ 7 Simple Steps

Mar 25, 2011 13:40 SGT Evorich Flooring Taking good care and maintenance of your laminate flooring is of utmost importance as to the home owner who is going to stay with the flooring for long term. Here are the 7simple steps to maintain your laminate flooring:

Engineered Wood Flooring

Mar 24, 2011 12:12 SGT Evorich Flooring As there are so many types of wood flooring in the market, having a solid wood flooring is considered a hefty sum of investment. When engineered wood came into the flooring market, it has create a new demand and trend among wood flooring lovers. What is engineered wood? Let look into this topic further.

Laminate Flooring Today

Mar 23, 2011 11:26 SGT Evorich Flooring Want to have exotic and rare wood flooring at your home? Laminate flooring could fulfill that for you. Before laminate flooring is invented, home owners are restricted to many wood species choices; one can only choose the particular timber floor that is suitable for its country climate. Today, laminate flooring changed everything.

Decking ~ All You Need to Know

Mar 21, 2011 17:03 SGT Evorich Flooring Decking comprises of 3 common categories namely Wood Decking, Composite Decking as well as Eco Friendly Wood Decking. All of them are suitable for outdoor decking such as swimming pool, ship decks, garden patio decking, balcony decks etc. Decking today is no longer only for the riches, everyone can enjoy the exquisiteness of having their own private decking at the comfort of their homes.

5 Simple Steps to Choose The Right Laminate Flooring

Mar 16, 2011 15:10 SGT Evorich Flooring Today, there are many laminate flooring brands surfacing in the consumer market. Picking the right laminate floor is very crucial today because you will be living with the laminate floors for long term. A wrong choice in laminate flooring will incur long term costs in terms of health and maintenance. Here are your 5 Simple Steps to Choose The Right Laminate Floor:

Evorich Holdings Bagged 2011 Successful Entrepreneur Award

Mar 10, 2011 17:48 SGT Evorich Flooring Evorich Holdings is awarded platinum recipient for Singapore 2011 Sucessful Entrepreneur Award in March this year. The Sucessful Entrepreneur Award is an initiative created by GRC Press Holdings to promote and recognize the successful efforts of business owners in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

Mar 08, 2011 13:14 SGT Evorich Flooring Laminate flooring has been considered cost efficient way to decorate the home flooring. Giving your home floor a touch of luxury without spending hefty sums on it. However, a big disadvantage on having laminate flooring is it is not waterproof at all. Hence, is waterproof laminate flooring possible? Evorich Holdings, one of the most reputable flooring contractors in Singapore,...