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High End Resilient Flooring VS Luxury Resilient Flooring

Oct 09, 2013 08:00 SGT Evorich Flooring Many might wonder is there any difference between High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) and Luxury Resilient Flooring (or commonly known as luxury vinyl tiles ), both are resilient flooring but in fact both of these two flooring belong to different categories due to its product specification.

East Marine Completes their Pioneer African Project in the Port City of Mombasa,Kenya

Oct 07, 2013 11:24 SGT East Marine Pte Ltd East Marine Completes their Pioneer African Project in the Port City of Mombasa,Kenya. In its 11 month duration,the project scope includes dredging, Vibro piling and underwater marine infrastructure work.

Furnishing the Eco Way!

Oct 03, 2013 16:23 SGT HAUS Furnishing™ - Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Furniture Singapore Is Eco furnishing the next “IN” thing in town!? We all want to do our part to the environment. And as local furniture contractors to give our consumers the best opinion, we will tell them having eco friendly furniture is good. But most importantly of all, the habit of thinking for our environment has to be seen in our day to day activities.

Evorich Being One of the Co Sponsor For Inside World Architectural Festival 2013

Oct 01, 2013 17:03 SGT Evorich Flooring Evorich is one of the panel sponsors for the World Architecture Festival which is coming back once again at the Marina Bay Sands from 2-4 Oct 2013; it is the world's largest festival and live awards for the global architectural community. This is a moment when all talented architects from around the world gather together to exchange pointers and learn from each other.

The Beauty of Teak, for Your Alfresco

Sep 30, 2013 17:21 SGT HAUS Furnishing™ - Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Furniture Singapore Teak wood is one of the most durable wood species in the world today; naturally the wood is aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye; other than that, it is often recommended for both indoor and outdoor areas due to its weather resistant feature. Here are 3 main benefits of why teak wood is good for the home

Evorich Flooring Featured on Mediacorp’s Style Living Magazine

Sep 30, 2013 12:37 SGT Evorich Flooring Evorich Flooring, for the first time, has been featured on the latest issue of Mediacorp’s Style Living Magazine. The magazine shares about the latest trends in interior designs and advice from the experts in various sectors of the interior design industry. “Good quality HERF has ceramic-beaded coating to enhance the scratch resistant level” (quoted from Style Living)

HAUS Furnishing™ - The Official Furniture Sponsor of F1 Sky Grand Prix Party Event 2013

Sep 27, 2013 17:03 SGT HAUS Furnishing™ - Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Furniture Singapore HAUS Furnishing™ is glad to be part of the successful event party of the Formula One Sky Grand Prix held last weekend at Zafferano at Ocean Financial Centre. "We are very excited to be given this great opportunity to be the official furniture sponsor of Sky Grand Prix party event. As HAUS Furnishing™ is still a new furnishing brand locally, this opportunity therefore is something good for us."

Can we have Alfresco Furniture in HDB?

Sep 27, 2013 14:58 SGT HAUS Furnishing™ - Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Furniture Singapore Of course we can! This is probably one of the most common questions we have encountered so far. In fact, today especially in the new homes in Singapore, be it HDB and condominium, there are more apartment having planter designs. Even in indoors when there is no balconies or patios, home owners who wanted a kind of tropical resort feel will also go for alfresco furnishing as well!

EMA, Singapore LNG Win the CWC Asia Pacific LNG Innovation Award 2013

Sep 26, 2013 13:26 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations The Energy Market Authority (EMA)/Singapore LNG have jointly won this year’s CWC LNG Innovation Asia Pacific Award held in conjunction with the 2013 World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit. The award is awarded to organizations operating in the Asia Pacific LNG sector that have been hugely successful in the last 12 months in their commercial and technical innovation.

Leaders Meet in Singapore to Discuss LNG Trading

Sep 19, 2013 12:00 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Singapore, the country which is emerging as Asia’s LNG trading hub[1], will host industry decision makers at the 5th World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit (LNG Asia) next week to discuss the changing demand for LNG in Asia Pacific. Over 250 government and commercial leaders will caucus about what needs to happen to create a gas trading hub in Asia, as well as discuss the LNG supply outlook.