How to Create Stylish Home Design With Your Flooring

Jul 18, 2012 15:33 SGT Evorich Flooring [TIP OF THE DAY] Lighting plays a part in giving more meaning to your flooring. Cove lighting on your floor helps to add a touch of intimacy, coziness and that kind of romantic feeling in the home.

Flooring Decorating Tips

Jul 06, 2012 12:46 SGT Evorich Flooring A teenager's room can be designed in the way that fits his character and personality. Displaying of his instrument can be a fun way of decorating his room. Choosing brighter tone flooring would be encouraged as it creates a vibrant and refreshing ambience for the space.

Flooring Platform Using Tarkett Laminate Flooring

Jun 26, 2012 15:24 SGT Evorich Flooring [TIP OF THE DAY] Flooring platform helps to elevate your living spaces. A raised platform acts as an low levelled partition that separates your living hall and your family corner in your apartment. Distinct elevation also enhances the beauty of your home. Human beings will always first notice things that are out of norm.

Outdoor Decking @ Home

Jun 12, 2012 16:54 SGT Evorich Flooring Wouldn't it be good if there is a relaxing corner at the exterior to allow homeowners to enjoy their meals and drinks outdoor? Palmwood decking provides visual beauty as it does not require any nailing on the surface of the wood. In this way, the decking looks attractive and charming.

Laminate Flooring Installed by Evorich ~ EVISU Retail Outlet @ Paragon

Jun 08, 2012 16:13 SGT Evorich Flooring Most importantly for a retail shop is to look inviting and welcoming. Good Quality Laminate flooring helps to enhance the beauty of the place and enable customers to feel comfortable to enter the shop.~ EVISU at Paragon

Loving HERF @ Home

Jun 04, 2012 14:11 SGT Evorich Flooring The beauty of high end resilient flooring (HERF) is that not only it attracts one with its exquisite wood alike design, it is also easy to maintain and clean. Henceforth, giving the home owners plenty of time to do what is most important to them; that is to spend every quality moments with the family. We like to thanks the client, for contributing this beautiful photo of their home.

Completed Engineered Wood Flooring Project by Evorich @ NTU

Jun 01, 2012 18:01 SGT Evorich Flooring While in enclosed areas such as offices and living spaces, natural wood flooring can help in enhancing the surrounding air quality. BKB Engineered Wood Flooring by Evorich ~ Oak Regal Classic Design ~

Completed Engineered Wood Flooring Project by Evorich @ Sentosa Cove Bungalow

Jun 01, 2012 10:43 SGT Evorich Flooring Ivory Oak White Design by BKB ~ Wood adds on comfort to the feet, beauty to the eye and luxury to the living atmosphere. Engineered wood is often recommended as it helps to improves sustainability for the environment as well.

Evorich Flooring installed in All Best Denki Outlets

May 30, 2012 10:25 SGT Evorich Flooring Eco Laminate flooring by Evorich is installed all Best Denki outlets in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Good quality laminate flooring should have good slip resistant properties that will ensure the safety of your patrons and prospects. One tip in choosing the flooring for a busy retail outlet with high human walk-in is to look at its ability to resist heavy impact and scratches.

Resort Living Lifestyle @ HDB: Why You Need to Choose the Right Flooring Product

May 29, 2012 13:31 SGT Evorich Flooring When everything little details come together, it will become a very beautiful and charming picture. This particular flooring project combines both indoor and outdoor flooring within the house. Choosing good quality flooring material not only beautify your house into a desirable interior design you like; good quality flooring can also last relatively longer.