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Inside Out, The Decluttering Version

Oct 10, 2015 20:15 SGT Edits Inc. ​Headquarters might be where most of the action is, but a lot of what goes on in your mind during a decluttering project involve the hard work of Mind Workers like Forgetters Paula and Bob, Subconscious Guards FrankandDaveand Cop Jake. So which Mind Workers trip us up when we're fighting a battle with clutter? Here's Part 1 of "Inside Out, The Decluttering Version".

The Muji difference

Sep 16, 2015 12:50 SGT Edits Inc. We've written many posts about Muji products, but what exactly makes them so fantabulous that we can't help but gush about them like our first love? Well, read on to find out more, and we're quite sure you too will fall under its spell.

A Professional Organizer's Theory of Contraints

Aug 26, 2015 19:52 SGT Edits Inc. We all want a bigger car, a bigger house. As far as possessions go, more seems to be better. But for most of us city folks, owning our own homes in a dense metropolis, regardless of the size, is already a blessing in itself. So how do we reconcile our want for more things with the size of the space that we currently live in? Is building in storage space into every nook and cranny the answer?

Leave no delicious morsel behind - Muji jam spoon review

Aug 19, 2015 12:50 SGT Edits Inc. Jam spoons - it's the one kitchen gadget that you never knew you needed, especially if you're a peanut butter jelly person or rolled oats fan. It's like if a small spatula, with a spoon ending - much like what a spoon and a spatula would produce if they got married. Read on to find out why this gadget (can we call it that?) is so nifty and so essential to your kitchen.

SG50 - What went right, What didn't

Aug 06, 2015 21:33 SGT Mynewsdesk As we approach the jubilee weekend celebrations, it might probably be time to re-access the success (or not) of this nation-wide campaign. We spoke to a number of professional communicators to hear what they thought, and what we could learn from the campaign.

How to help a hoarder

Mar 04, 2015 19:22 SGT Edits Inc. Sensational headlines on hoarding behavior have been grabbing a lot of attention lately. And Singapore's government has even set up a taskforce to address this behavior. Is throwing away their possessions a long-term solution? What happens after volunteers break their back to clear out these apartments? Is there a way to help these hoarders leave their behavior and things behind permanently?

Which room would you rather clean?

Jan 07, 2015 16:50 SGT Edits Inc. It's a busy season for cleaners, so give them a break - try decluttering your home first before calling in the cleaners. They'll thank you immensely for that.

Get set, ready, go - tips for a roaring start in 2015!

Dec 30, 2014 16:55 SGT Edits Inc. December is the new January, someone said. So we're starting 2015 early, on 30 Dec, to be precise, to help you get ready to take on giants in Jan! Been feeling tired and listless after endless rounds of feasting and fellowship? Get those muscles moving with some decluttering and organizing exercise, before getting to the real deal. Everyone needs a bit of warm up, right?

The heart work of transforming lives

Dec 29, 2014 12:55 SGT Edits Inc. It's Christmas, and the perfect time for penning down the musings of a professional organizer. More than just things, what we really do is to transform lives, much like life coaches and personal trainers. And we do that in just one or three sessions (unlike personal coaches). So if you ever see us around, show us some love, instead of comparing us to cleaners or maids and order us around.

Edits Inc's "New Year, New You" decluttering tips to re-energize your 2015

Dec 24, 2014 13:10 SGT Edits Inc. Before you start on any New Year's resolutions, try decluttering your home and office first. It'll set the right tone for the start of 2015 and will give you new energy to pursue all your other resolutions! Nothing quite compares to the transformation that a decluttering project will bring. You'll never regret it - in fact, you may even itch to help others with their clutter afterwards!!