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Journalist of the month: Will paid, impartial media eventually die out?

Jul 09, 2014 11:30 SGT Mynewsdesk This month we talk to Justin Harper, veteran journalist who has spent a decade at Daily Mail and Telegraph. He shares about his deep experiences and observations on how the journalism scene has evolved.

IKEA furniture - good or bad?

Jun 21, 2014 20:15 SGT Edits Inc. Not all IKEA furniture are made equal. Here's our quick guide to buying IKEA furniture, and how to sift the good, from the bad, or plain ugly.

The ABCs of organizing paper clutter

Jun 19, 2014 20:15 SGT Edits Inc. Research proves that taking notes on paper is more helpful in retaining factual and conceptual information compared to electronic note-taking. But what to do with those pesky papers, which tend to accumulate in piles that are hell-bent on growing into mini mole hills of their own? Learn the fast and easy tips for dealing with paper clutter - in under 5 minutes a day (filing not included).

The quick way to deal with product samples chaos

Jun 17, 2014 11:45 SGT Edits Inc. This post is dedicated to beauty column writers for magazines. If you're getting more samples from eager-beaver brands than you have the room for, here's the solution for you. Get rid of your samples clutter PERMANENTLY with clever use of the Muji PP drawers. After this, you'll never take more than 10 seconds to find the sample you're look for!

Journalist of the month: Images are really important. More tips on pitching to her here!

Jun 12, 2014 13:04 SGT Mynewsdesk Last month, a client came to us delighted, with a 4-page full colour spread, to story that he had prior published via Evorich's Mynewsdesk newsroom. We got in touch with Senior Writer, Jasmine Goh, to find out on her perspectives as a journalist.

Brand Accelerator Day for entrepreneurs - an Edits Inc partner event

Jun 05, 2014 11:00 SGT Edits Inc. Being great at what you do is no longer enough. The crucial thing is whether you can answer 'what do you do' and do people sit up and take notice immediately. Build your brand, attract opportunity, do what you love. Learn practical strategies to transform your business growth. Purchase the tickets at 50% off the retail price with this link:

When SOS turns into SO S(ORRY)…

Apr 16, 2014 06:00 SGT MDIS The more people there are witnessing an accident or emergency situation, the less likely any one of them would step up and help the victim... But why? Read more to find out.

Think beyond press releases. The great journalist exodus has begun.

Feb 28, 2014 13:45 SGT Mynewsdesk “If there is one thing I want to do, it’s kill off the press releases.” Coming from Coca-Cola Company's digital communications head Ashley Brown, the sound bite proved itself memorable. Beyond the rhetoric and headline-worthy statement, what does his pioneering decision really mean?

Feb 25, 2014 13:41 SGT CherryAffairs

Feb 10, 2014 00:49 SGT CherryAffairs Adding the use of sex toys to your life has a number of benefits. Whether you are in a committed relationship, or single, using sex toys can add a great deal to your entire outlook in ways you might not expect.