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Aug 26, 2015 15:06 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations

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Aug 26, 2015 15:06 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations

Richard Webb, CEO & Co-Founder, Start Mesh

Aug 26, 2015 13:10 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Richard Webb is the CEO and Co-founder of Start Mesh ( a global accelerator of mid-stage start-ups founded in 2014) , CEO and Founder of South Bondi (personal mentoring before the start-up founded in 2014), Chairman and Founder of Red Ocean (venture capital fund founded in 2005).

Nick Nash, Group President, Garena Online Pte Ltd

Aug 26, 2015 13:10 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Nick played a key role on many innovative investments for GA including the firm’s first investment in Southeast Asia (Garena), its most successful investment to-date in India (Genpact, NYSE: G), and its first investment in cloud computing (Quality Technology, NYSE: QTS).

Duncan Irschick, Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Aug 26, 2015 13:10 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations His research on gecko adhesion, animal movement, and bioinspiration has garnered international acclaim and awards. Geckskin was hailed by CNN as one of the top five scientific breakthroughs of 2012 because of its ability to provide powerful, removable and reusable adhesion at large sizes.

Andrew Hessel, Distinguished Research Scientist, Bio/Nano Research Group Autodesk, Inc.

Aug 26, 2015 13:10 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Andrew Hessel is a Distinguished Research Scientist with the Bio/Nano Research Group Autodesk, a world-leading 3D design software company. Trained in molecular biology and genetics, he leads a multidisciplinary team of scientists exploring computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing for biotechnology and nanotechnology applications.

Octopus Ventures, Start Mesh, Geckskin featured at Techventure 2015

Aug 19, 2015 11:57 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Attend Techventure 21 Sept 2015, to broaden your perspectives on growing a start up business and scaling it across borders. Chris Wade, Octopus Investments; Richard Webb, Start Mesh; Andrew Hassel, Pink Army Cooperative; Duncan Irschick, Geckskin; Lu Yoh-Chie, Biosensors; Nick Nash, Garena. Insights - technopreneurship; what investors are looking for, how incubators can help startups pivot, grow.

Who attends Techventure?

Jul 30, 2015 15:25 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations Explore who attends Techventure and see who you could be networking with at Techventure 2015, 21-22 September 2016. Visit for details.


Jun 25, 2015 08:29 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations ITLS Logo

IE Singapore CEO meets Renault at Last Mile Fulfilment Asia (LMFAsia)

Mar 30, 2015 12:51 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations IE Singapore's CEO, Mr Teo Eng Cheong meets with executives from Renault at Last Mile Fulfilment Asia (LMFAsia) exhibition, March 19, 2015