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Talent shortage on the rise globally

Jun 22, 2015 11:56 SGT Manpower Singapore Global employers report talent shortages is at a high of 38 percent since 2007, but employers still lack strategies to overcome the shortages. Ms Linda Teo, ManpowerGroup's country manager says, "Employers d not seem to show an urgency to put into place strategies not just to tackle the talent shortage but to stay ahead of the curve to find individuals to meet their business needs."

Dec 31, 2014 01:03 SGT Brand Finance Asia Pacific Samir Dixit, Managing Director of Brand Finance Asia Pacific launched the annual "Top 100 Malaysian Brand Rankings 2014" in December.The value based brand rankings are the most definitive and the worlds only ISO process approved rankings for the top 100 Malaysian brands.The value is derived using Enterprise Value,Financial forecasts,brand strength index and relevant royalty rates for each brand.

Aug 01, 2014 08:24 SGT Swets Swets, announced earlier today that it has signed a reseller agreement with Eduserv, the non-profit dedicated to developing and delivering technology services for the public sector. This agreement sees Swets adding the highly popular OpenAthens advanced access management system to its portfolio of Access Management services for libraries.

Young Filipinos Keen On Saving Money, Interested In Banking Sector

Apr 29, 2014 10:19 SGT PReciousCommunications ThoughtBuzz releases “Young Filipinos and Finance” Social Media report for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry

ACI releases 2014 Asia Pacific Travel/Hospitality Industry Salary Report

Apr 04, 2014 06:52 SGT PINPOINT Public Relations ACI HR Solutions has released the results of its 2014 Travel and Hospitality Industry Salary Survey.

Dec 30, 2013 12:10 SGT PReciousCommunications 2014 Predictions Report Examines Key Trends in the Evolution of Ransomware, Advanced Evasion Techniques, and Social Attacks Targeting Personal and Enterprise Users

Dec 05, 2013 11:01 SGT PReciousCommunications Study Reveals Risky Employee Behavior Known as Shadow IT

What is a Quality Engineered Wood Flooring?

Sep 24, 2013 10:16 SGT Evorich Flooring A good quality engineered wood is using real wood instead of a whole piece of solid wood. It consists of multiple ply layers, which are glued together unlike a whole solid piece of hardwood. The top surface uses a thicker hardwood which is available in most hardwood species.

Jun 04, 2013 10:24 SGT Brand Finance Asia Pacific Samir Dixit, Managing Director for Brand Finance Asia Pacific launched the annual "Top 100 Singapore Brand Rankings 2013" on 22nd May.The valuation based brand rankings are the most definitive brand rankings for the top 100 Singapore brands. The value is derived using Enterprise value, financial forecasts, competitive brand strength index and the relevant royalty rates for each individual brand.

Outdoor Decking Trend in Singapore

Mar 18, 2013 16:55 SGT Evorich Flooring Sipping a cup of cappuccino while you read the morning papers in that cozy alfresco area at your apartment's balcony; this is a trend that we are seeing now; home owners especially the younger generation of home owners are looking for something more, to enhance their home living lifestyle, and decorating the balcony or outdoor area is considered one of the important things to do for most today.