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News Release: Wallcovering from Brocades Collection, Omexco, Goodrich

Jun 04, 2014 16:41 +08
The name Brocade comes from the Italian word “broccato”, meaning “embossed cloth”...

Fashion @ Goodrich

May 27, 2014 17:09 +08
What is your FASHION statement?

News Release: Wallcovering from Layers Collection, BN, Goodrich

May 27, 2014 17:07 +08
Layers are in STYLE..

News Release:Wallcovering from Historic Royal Palaces Collection, Cole & Son, Goodrich

May 26, 2014 17:00 +08
When the stylish and contemporary meet..

News Release: Wallcovering from Leonida Collection, Harlequin, Goodrich

May 23, 2014 16:55 +08
Stunning, diverse and indisputably chic…

News Release: Wallcovering from Premierwall Horizon Collection, Goodrich

May 22, 2014 12:34 +08
Premierwall Horizon, designed for applications in the commercial, hospitality and resid...

Wallcovering from Bella Vista Collection, Phillip Jeffries, Goodrich

May 20, 2014 11:03 +08
La Dolce Vita – Living the sweet life…

News Release: Wallcovering from Suede Lounge Collection, Phillip Jeffries, Goodrich

May 19, 2014 14:46 +08
Wrap your walls in luxury with this collection of faux suede looks and feels like the r...

Goodrich Features-Choosing a Feature Wall for your Home

May 16, 2014 18:24 +08
Choosing a feature wall for your home can be easy and effortless...

News Release: Wallcovering from Trianon Collection, Elitis, Goodrich

May 16, 2014 13:01 +08
“Trianon” was a hamlet close to Versailles, purchased by Louis XIV, who requested to bu...