The Future of Stakeholder Engagement - The Stakeholder Company closes New Finance Round

Press Releases   •   Dec 02, 2012 12:39 +08

Singapore, 26th November 2012 - Red Dot Ventures announced today its latest investment in a Singapore startup, TSC - The Stakeholder Company Pte Ltd. TSC solves big business issues and opportunities by making sense of increasingly complex stakeholder environments, connecting companies to the people who will make or break them, and supplying the issue and data intelligence that matters most.

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Cracking the influence code in investor relations

News   •   Feb 15, 2012 16:11 +08

This business cycle is complicating the role of investor relations in maintaining a positive corporate reputation. With stakeholders on all sides eager to sound tough or gain some advantage from a company reporting bad earnings, or paradoxically earnings which are too positive, investor relations teams are forced to tread a very fine line through a minefield of issues.

Following on from his earlier seminar Terence will examine the Investor Relations model to review how global economic dynamics impact corporate reputation and risk and how practitioners can 'crack' the influence code leveraging new network theory models, strategies and technologies.

Terence Lyons, The Stakeholder Company founder, will speak at the Investor Relations and Stakeholder Management Summit 2012 in Singapore, 23rd & 24th February 2012. Examining the Investor Relations model to review how global economic dynamics impact corporate reputation and and how practitioners can 'crack' the influence code leveraging new network theory models, strategies and technologies.

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Oxford Seminar: The Stakeholder Engagement Imperative

News   •   Aug 29, 2011 10:12 +08

Terence Lyons, Managing Director of TSC The Stakeholder Company, will lead a session aimed at developing a better understanding of the challenges and new opportunities available to identify, manage and engage stakeholders


News Corp Outrage Meter: a back of the napkin calculation

Blog posts   •   Jul 26, 2011 07:46 +08

How do you calculate the depth of sheer outrage against News Corp behaviour? This blog shares a few thoughts on the variables that would go into devising an 'Outrage Meter'. Don't expect to see it on any management board's dashboard check-list yet though.

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About The Stakeholder Company

TSC connects you to your top influencers. Manage your public affairs and corporate communications issue, program or function faster, better and more simply than ever before. That's state-of-the-art stakeholder engagement.

Companies face a more complex public policy, regulatory, political and reputational environment than ever before.

Whether you’re reacting to a big issue or proactively trying to avoid one, we keep you connected to the ever changing landscape of NGOs, IGOs, Government, associations, media, academics, investors and many other key opinion leaders.

We craft cutting edge technology, data management and high impact consulting services into simple, elegant solutions for big business challenges.

Solutions for the business of influence. Need to:
* IDENTIFY the top influencers of your reputation, brand, product, initiative?
* UNDERSTAND who and what's driving your issue?
* MAP, UPDATE and MONITOR your key stakeholders simply and efficiently?
* ENGAGE your audience across a wide region or globally?

We bring together a unique, cross-disciplinary team from the fields of analytics, mathematical algorithms, CRM and infrastructure specialists and software designers led by highly experience public affairs and corporate communications practitioners.

We have served much of the Fortune 500; major multi-nationals, some of the world’s most exciting brands, law firms, governments, finance and NGOs... from Sweden to South Africa to New Zealand. And pretty much everywhere in-between.

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