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Blog post   •   Dec 03, 2015 16:21 GMT

Following the first phase of the audits for certification of St Helena Airport at the beginning of November the St Helena Airport Programme Board has recommended that it will be necessary to grant a short period of additional time in order to fine tune the operational readiness of St Helena Airport.

Feedback received from the regulator, Air Safety Support International (ASSI) outlined corrective actions to be taken prior to the next round of audits for Airport Certification in January 2016, when they will return to carry out a full inspection audit of the Airport’s compliance with aviation regulations.

Here is the latest update on progress…

Navigational Aids

As per the recommendations arising from the calibration flights performed during September 2015, the DVOR and Localiser navigational aids are being relocated. Plans will be confirmed shortly for a second calibration flight.

Airport terminal building

Terminal Building, 18 November 2015

Terminal Building

The construction of the Terminal Building is on track to be completed by 24 February 2016. The current focus is on completing the shop fronts, glazing, ceilings, flooring and other finishings. Shaping and all related concrete works in and around the precinct of the Terminal and Combined building are also well underway.

Airport Parking Area

Priming of the parking area has been completed and surfacing of this and the precinct area has now commenced. The final surfacing and completion of the kerbs, lighting and road markings will be completed by the end of January 2016.

Airport parking

Parking area, 18 November 2015

Access Road

Construction of the base will commence during December 2015, which will be followed by the final surfacing with a Cape Seal. The Access Road between the Airport and Reggie’s Take Away at Bottom Woods is planned to be completed by 24 February 2016. The final surface will only be applied to other sections of road when it is no longer necessary to make heavy vehicle movements.

Airport Fencing

The fencing of the Airport perimeter has been completed. The focus now is on completing the Restricted Zone fencing to ensure the separation of Landside from Airside comply with security requirements.

Fire and Fresh Water Supply

Erection of the Fire Water Storage Tank, Pump House and piping to the Airport Precinct for the firewater supply is in progress and is planned to be completed by the end of December 2015.

The construction of the fresh water storage tank and associated pipelines for supply to the Airport will also be completed by end-December 2015.

Permanent Wharf

Progress is being made on the construction of the Wharf, with a planned completion date of May 2016.


The Programme Board does not anticipate a significant revision to the commencement date for commercial flights beyond the original projected date of late February 2016.

Subject to final certification and operational readiness, the Board still expects St Helena Airport to be accepting commercial flights before the planned Official Opening of the Airport in May 2016.