St Helena Government

Closure of Airport Site to the Public

Press Release   •   Aug 11, 2015 09:57 GMT

Basil Read Island Director, Deon de Jager, commented:

“I am sure that this announcement will be met with some disappointment – and from our side we have appreciated the interest and support from all those who have participated in the various tours. Our thanks go to members of the public who have taken the time to visit on Sundays, to all the schools who have made this a learning experience for their students, to the Island’s Councillors and officials – and even to members of the international press.

“But we are now in the final stages of construction of an airport and our thoughts must turn to its operation. Like any other international airport, we are required to put in place strict security measures and we need to start planning for and doing this now.”

The Airport Site can of course be viewed from various vantage points on the Island, including in the Millennium Forest area, and regular updates will continue to be provided via the local media, and by viewing,, and the SHG Facebook page.

Airport Security Fencing – Placement

A site walkover (photo attached) took place last week to discuss the exact alignment for the Airport security fencing – this fencing is just one of the security measures that is essential for St Helena Airport to meet the requirements for certification.

Members of staff from Basil Read, Halcrow and the SHG Access Office met on site to walk the route shown in the designs, allowing them to determine any environmental or health and safety considerations in order to finalise the design and placement of the security fencing. External stakeholders, the St Helena Nature Conservation Group and the St Helena National Trust were also invited to attend.

The security fencing will be used to restrict access in areas where there is a risk that animals or unauthorised persons might enter the Airport site. St Helena Airport is bordered in some places by steep cliffs, where it will not be necessary to fence.

The security fencing will be in place by late October, prior to the audits for airport certification.

In November 2011, St Helena Government signed a Design, Build and Operate (DBO) contract with Basil Read (Pty) Ltd. The contract included £201.5 million for the design and construction of the airport, an additional amount - of up to - £10 million on shared risk contingency and £35.1 million for ten years of operation.

The project aims to provide air services to St Helena, fulfilling the UK Government’s commitment to maintaining access to the Island, and provide it with a real opportunity for economic growth through tourism.

Both the St Helena Government and the UK Government hope that this will lead to eventual financial self-sustainability for St Helena.