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Stylt creates un-Swiss new hotel for Credit Suisse

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2016 07:12 GMT

Spedition Hotel & Restaurant, Thun, Switzerland

An interesting hotel with a good restaurant can lift a street, a block, or an entire destination. That is exactly what has happened in the Swiss town of Thun, where Spedition Hitel & Restaurant has provided a shot of energy for a town where people previously mostly passed through. The tables are full every night and people go out of their way to stay overnight.

Stylt was tasked with transforming a former logistics hub into a personal boutique hotel by property owner Credit Suisse together with Swiss hotelier Manfred Weilguni.

”We wanted a hotel that reflected the new character of Thun, a place where time slows down and you can just be, meet friends, eat good foot and enjoy life,” says Manfred Weilguni.

The hotel is filled with surprises, and every room has its own character. Inspired by the idea of a spediteur who left the rat race and started exploring life beyond the straight line between A and B, the rooms feature collections of all sorts of interesting things, from umbrella handles and antique cobbler’s lasts to wine labels and model railway cars. The result is far from the traditional Swiss style. Not least the little library tucked away on the third floor, with its hand-picked selection of Parisian books and suggestive pictures from bygone times, sets a mood that is anything but staid and respectable.

”Swiss hotels tend to be proper, wholesome, neat and tidy,” says Erik Nissen Johansen, Stylt’s founder and creative director. ”Spedition is different – a darker, much more exciting experience.”

Stylt’s new CEO Magnus Rösman adds: ”Spedition is an excellent example of how strategic concept design can be a valuable tool not just for restaurateurs and hoteliers, but also for property owners. This is a hotel that contributes to the development, and character, of the entire area, even the entire town.”

Stylt is currently completing another hotel in Switzerland, the 158-room HUUS Hotel in Gstaad, which will open in early 2017. 

Stylt Trampoli is an award-winning concept- and design agency with clients and projects all around the world. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the agency consists of architects, art directors, designers, marketers and branding experts, working closely together on projects for the experience and hospitality industry.

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