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Kathryn Dempster

Marketing Executive - Marketing

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Kathryn is responsible for Managing Tabernus Marketing activities and development. Working with our Global team to educate, promote Tabernus activities and those of our customers throughout 2014 and beyond.

What do Tabernus offer?

*CESG Infosec 5 Certified Baseline and Enhanced (upto IL6 ) CESG Certified data erasure software Deployed via: USB, CD, LAN, WAN, Array and via remote "pre-installed" Web based application.

*CESG Certified enhanced for IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel, Firewire and other formats of hdd. Tabernus also have a LUN solution, suitable for erasing a cloud or other logical units.

Tabernus also provides data erasure solutions for Mobile Phones, USB, SSD (solid state devices) & other types of Flash removable memory and many other data holding devices too - Erasure products outside of CESG Certification are supplied via an Insurance Backed solution, in most cases upto £10M per device!

Tabernus manufacture a range of hardware to deploy our software and offer a number of solutions for the LAN, ARRAY and Datacentre Environments!

Tabernus software comes with its own management console for bespoke reporting, semi/automatic deployment of erasure methods and great other tools. Our Master reporting centralised system allows you to host your own client reporting and keep control of your clients reporting data!

Specialities: Tabernus is a leading provider of data erasure software and hardware products used by companies of all sizes to completely remove all data from hard drive storage devices. Whether you are looking to sanitize data using a CESG Certified Standard hard drive wipe or for an all encompassing certified data destruction solution, Tabernus' products and expertise can tailor the right solution for your organization.

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