Press Releases

Helsinki Police Station transformed into the luxurious Hotel Lilla Roberts

Sep 24, 2015 14:30 GMT YIT Oyj The former Helsinki Police Station building was renovated to transform the property into Hotel Lilla Roberts, which opened its doors on 12 August 2015. Hotel Lilla Roberts has received a five-star rating in international search engines, as well as rave reviews from customers.

New BeoPlay H3 ANC: A music lover's take on active noise cancellation

Sep 24, 2015 07:00 GMT B&O PLAY Introducing BeoPlay H3 ANC, a rock solid, Active Noise Cancellation in-ear headphone featuring a perfectly tuned balance between sound and noise, an unparalleled level of comfort and a sturdy, lightweight design that makes it a perfect work and travel companion.

It blends in, blasts out - the new BeoPlay S3 bluetooth speaker

Sep 15, 2015 08:18 GMT B&O PLAY Introducing BeoPlay S3, an ultra flexible Bluetooth speaker that fills your life, and home, with clean and natural sound. You start with one speaker – and add more later to get as much sound as you need. The customisable design of the speaker allows you to make its appearance match your mood, the time of year, or your interior décor.

BeoPlay S8 Update: Now works with almost all TV's and digital music sources

Sep 15, 2015 08:09 GMT B&O PLAY Introducing the B&O PLAY Connection Hub, an update to BeoPlay S8 that makes it possible to connect the powerful 2.1 speaker set to almost any TV and audio source via standard digital cables.

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby are the Guests of Honour for 2016

Sep 14, 2015 11:35 GMT Stockholmsmässan Every year Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair invites a highly acclaimed international designer or design studio to create a lounge in Stockholmsmässan’s entrance hall. This year the assignment has gone to British design studio, Barber & Osgerby, who have received international acclaim for their innovative furniture, industrial design and architecture.

The first Absolut bottle in new design has been filled in Åhus

Sep 04, 2015 09:13 GMT The Absolut Company Absolut Vodka has a new design and Wednesday night the first new bottles left the so called ”Spirits Church” in Åhus, southern Sweden. It was a historical moment for the brand as the iconic bottle has remained intact since its creation more than 30 years ago. Its new design emphasizes the authenticity of its Swedish origin, and at the same time its environmental impact is reduced.

Focus on building relationships in Greenhouse

Aug 31, 2015 11:42 GMT Stockholmsmässan The assignment to design Greenhouse 2016, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair's hall for young and unestablished designers, was given to the design studio, Form Us With Love. The studio would like to emphasize that Greenhouse is a platform that offers unestablished designers the opportunity to get a glimpse of the design world and fulfill their dreams.

Aritco LiftGuide nominated for the Awwwards

Aug 24, 2015 14:09 GMT Aritco Lift AB The Aritco LiftGuide is the first product configurator letting consumers design their own home lift directly in the browser. The LiftGuide is now nominated for the Awwwards, a prestigious award for design, creativity and innovation on the internet.

Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho are the winners of Formex Nova 2015

Aug 19, 2015 19:20 GMT Stockholmsmässan “Kyuhyung Cho&Erik Olovsson are awarded Formex Nova for the playful collaboration in their three collections Room, Sine and Numbers. With a fusion of graphic elements and architectural volumes, the creations of these two designers are characterized by contrasts between light and heavy, discipline and playfulness, and 2- and 3-dimensionality, conjuring up a feeling of opposites in perfect balance.”

Young Designers - a glimpse of the future at Formex

Jun 22, 2015 12:00 GMT Stockholmsmässan Every season Formex receives a number of exciting applications for Young Designers – Formex's platform for young, unestablished designers. At the fair in August 19-22, 23 selected designers will be introduced in different categories, including SAGA MELINA and Nina Johanna Christensen, who are participating for the first time.