Press Releases

Reduced polishing time with new elastic bond system

Jul 24, 2014 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA WINTER launches new innovative grinding wheels, FlutePolish, for the flute polishing process of shank tools.

Explore the Power of Norton in the  Oil & Gas Market

Jun 23, 2014 09:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton has developed a complete range of abrasives specifically designed for the manufacture and repair of upstream, midstream and downstream components, shipbuilding, oil rigs, pipelines, and petrochemical plants.

Norton Classic pre-packed abrasives for Do-It-Yourself

May 27, 2014 11:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton has introduced a new range of abrasives for the Do-It-Yourself market, Norton Classic. The pre-pack range has been specially developed as an affordable range for consumers. This comprehensive product range includes abrasives for hand and machine sanding, cutting-off and grinding wheels and diamond blades.

Norton Quantum: An advanced innovation of cutting-off and grinding wheels

May 09, 2014 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Saint-Gobain Abrasives, under its Norton brand has launched a new range of high performance wheels for cutting-off and grinding primarily for use in oil & gas, off-shore, energy, transportation, foundry, shipyard and metal fabrication markets. The new range, Norton Quantum, gives faster and more aggressive cutting and grinding according to the manufacturer.

Norton Expert Auto, the new range for DIY automotive repair and refinish

May 07, 2014 12:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton has introduced a new, cutting edge abrasive and polishing range for hand and machine use, under its premium Norton Expert brand. The range has been designed to target car enthusiasts in the applications of minor spot repair and defect removal on car panels, bumpers and headlights.

New large hose pump from Tapflo Group

Apr 28, 2014 14:09 GMT Tapflo Group Tapflo Group has launched PTX150, the world's largest hose pump, which has maximum flow of 187 m³/h at 7,5bars.

New Norton Clipper handheld drilling motors

Apr 02, 2014 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton Clipper launches a new range of handheld drilling motors, CDM163 and CDM203. Both equipment are intended primarily for artisans, masons, plumbers, heating engineers and electricians and can also be used by contractors specializing in drilling.

New floor saw from Clipper

Dec 04, 2013 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Clipper CS401 is a new compact and economic floor saw. The low centre of gravity improves the user’s control of the machine and reduces vibrations according to the manufacturer.

Clipper launches new masonry saw for large slabs

Nov 19, 2013 11:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA The new Clipper CM42 is a lightweight and portable masonry saw. Wider and longer than most equivalent machines on the market, it enables cutting of 60 x 60 cm slabs into two halves of 30 cm.

Norton Clipper launches Duo Extreme+ ultra-fast cutting diamond blade

Sep 23, 2013 13:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton Clipper announces their new Duo Extreme+, a new ultra-fast laser-welded diamond cut-off blade, for use on angle-grinders, handheld cut-off saws, floor saws and masonry saws. It is designed for fast cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete and a wide range of hard building materials.