Press Releases

New Norton Clipper handheld drilling motors

Apr 02, 2014 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton Clipper launches a new range of handheld drilling motors, CDM163 and CDM203. Both equipment are intended primarily for artisans, masons, plumbers, heating engineers and electricians and can also be used by contractors specializing in drilling.

New floor saw from Clipper

Dec 04, 2013 07:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Clipper CS401 is a new compact and economic floor saw. The low centre of gravity improves the user’s control of the machine and reduces vibrations according to the manufacturer.

Clipper launches new masonry saw for large slabs

Nov 19, 2013 11:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA The new Clipper CM42 is a lightweight and portable masonry saw. Wider and longer than most equivalent machines on the market, it enables cutting of 60 x 60 cm slabs into two halves of 30 cm.

Norton Clipper launches Duo Extreme+ ultra-fast cutting diamond blade

Sep 23, 2013 13:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton Clipper announces their new Duo Extreme+, a new ultra-fast laser-welded diamond cut-off blade, for use on angle-grinders, handheld cut-off saws, floor saws and masonry saws. It is designed for fast cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete and a wide range of hard building materials.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives now produces FSC certified products

Sep 05, 2013 05:31 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Utilising responsibly sourced material and preserving natural resources is a high priority for Saint-Gobain Abrasives so their European coated abrasive plants manufacturing paper backed products are now FSC certified.

New Norton Essential sandpaper range for trade

Aug 14, 2013 13:31 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Saint-Gobain Abrasives has launched a new range of sandpaper under the Norton brand. Norton Essential has been created with the professional, trade user in mind with products for both hand and machine sanding available.

Jul 08, 2013 10:15 GMT RoomSketcher RoomSketcher announces RoomSketcher 2.02 for iOS, a Floor Plan app that supports the 3D Walk functionality. In 3D Walk users can navigate through 3D Floor Plans and visualize properties created by the RoomSketcher web app. The app lets the user access all its RoomSketcher projects anytime, anywhere.

A new range of abrasive film discs from Norton

Jun 17, 2013 05:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Saint-Gobain Abrasives has launched a new range of abrasive sanding discs under its leading brand, Norton. The new abrasive disc range has a specially engineered film backing for an excellent finish in all sanding applications.

New handheld cut-off saws from Norton Clipper

Apr 23, 2013 14:01 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Norton Clipper introduces a new range of light-weight handheld cut-off saws. The new range of machines features an electronic carburettor which eliminates the hassle of a choke and makes a stress-free start of the machine.

Silent diamond blade gives better working environment

Apr 23, 2013 12:31 GMT Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA Diamond blades, when used on construction equipment like angle-grinders, petrol handheld saws, floor and masonry saws, may generate noise up to 115 dB. Norton’s diamond blade Silencio features a new noise-dampening effect reaching reductions up to 15 dB according to the manufacturer.