Press Releases

Envac wins world’s largest multiple use hospital contract

Apr 15, 2014 14:00 GMT Envac AB Envac has secured its largest tri-system contract with Hainan Cancer Hospital, an international cutting-edge centre of healing and research in Haikou City, China. The deal is estimated to be worth almost £3 million (€3.6 million). It will see Envac handle the laundry of 1,200 hospital beds and the general waste of over 11,000 staff and patients.

Empower to deliver construction project of largest power line in Fingrid's history

Apr 11, 2014 11:57 GMT Empower On 1 April 2014, Empower and Fingrid signed a very significant agreement on the construction of a 400 kV power line. The total value of the power line contract without any options is about €20 million.

Apr 11, 2014 08:56 GMT Stockholm Business Region The internationally acclaimed list of fast growing companies is expanding. The original 20 companies have now become 40, and a new ranking has been done for the ten companies in the greatest demand. Digital health is the area on the list with the largest increase.

New pulsation dampener from Tapflo

Apr 10, 2014 08:00 GMT Tapflo Group The new active pulsation dampeners from Tapflo Group, ensures a smooth and pulsation dampened flow from Tapflo´s pneumatic double diaphragm pumps. A pulsation free flow reduces the pipe system stress, and can be a necessity in dosing- and filling applications.

New Book: E-Ployment. Living & Working in the Cloud. A Personal Journey

Apr 04, 2014 08:03 GMT UP THERE, EVERYWHERE What happened to books, music & films is about to happen to the service sector & employment within it. Freelancers have suddenly formed globally connected, & organised communities, enabled by the cloud & the new tools that are available. Today they can work here, there & everywhere. It’s happening & it’s happening fast. Read about it in E-Ployment. Living & Working in the Cloud. A Personal Journey

Swire Properties to host Hong Kong’s first Elephant Parade this Summer

Apr 03, 2014 10:35 GMT Elephant Parade Something big is about to land in Hong Kong! Elephant Parade and Swire Properties today jointly announced Hong Kong as the next destination of the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues, in aid of Asian elephant conservation.

Apr 02, 2014 07:52 GMT Stockholm Business Region Payrolls, employment, establishment of new businesses and the population continues to increase in the City of Stockholm and Stockholm County overall. Housing construction reached one of the highest levels recorded in the 2000s, so shows Stockholmskonjunkturen’s report of the Stockholm economy for the fourth quarter 2013.

European Earthship Lecture Tour with Michael Reynolds

Apr 01, 2014 12:12 GMT Earthship Biotecture Europe (Team Europe) This spring Michael Reynolds will be hosting a series of lectures about Earthships in multiple cities around Europe. This is an effort to share 40 years of research and development on self-sufficient housing with the masses. Many concepts and issues within sustainability will be discussed but the main focus is on the concepts of Biotecture and the six core principals of the Earthship model.

DEFLAMO: Strengthens its organisation

Mar 24, 2014 10:37 GMT DEFLAMO AB DEFLAMO, a Swedish producer of the natural flame retardant Apyrum, has strengthened its organization through the strategic recruitment of Thomas Klemedsson as Senior Application Chemist. Mr. Klemedsson will be based at the Swedish headquarters in the Öresund region where his main focus will be on the international expansion of DEFLAMO.

Mar 24, 2014 07:00 GMT Swegon Swegon, since the beginning of 2013 led by new CEO Hannu Saastamoinen, implemented in the beginning of this year a new organization structure, creating new business areas based on market segments. The objective has been to create a more agile organization with shorter and more dynamic decision routes and with much improved natural collaboration between departments.