Press Releases

Indonesian students develop solutions for waste water management in new competition

Oct 02, 2014 16:16 GMT Sqore IKEA Indonesia, Mercy Corps Indonesia and Lund University in Sweden team up with local students to find innovative ideas to address waste and water resource management issues facing residents of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. The Blue Bag Innovation Award 2015 is part of the Blue Bag Project, where IKEA Indonesia will donate 100% of revenue from their iconic blue bags to Mercy Corps Indonesia.


Sep 21, 2014 10:08 GMT The Perfect World Foundation The game Save a Rhino, developed by award-winning game studio Hello There, was released at the conservation gala dinner hosted by the Perfect World Foundation at Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden, on the 18th of September. The top-ranked dance music DJ AVICII is one of the Perfect World Foundation’s ambassadors.

Professional GPR solution designed for utility mapping  – MALÅ Easy Locator Pro

Jun 11, 2014 13:59 GMT Guideline Geo Group MALÅ/ABEM The MALÅ Easy Locator Pro is an end-to-end, easy-to-use GPR solution designed for utility mapping. It is the first Easy Locator being able to export data to stand-alone software and comes bundled with MALÅ ObjectMapper Windows software. The MALÅ Easy Locator Pro is a complete solution, from data acquisition to reporting.

Apr 01, 2014 12:12 GMT Earthship Biotecture Europe (Team Europe) This spring Michael Reynolds will be hosting a series of lectures about Earthships in multiple cities around Europe. This is an effort to share 40 years of research and development on self-sufficient housing with the masses. Many concepts and issues within sustainability will be discussed but the main focus is on the concepts of Biotecture and the six core principals of the Earthship model.

Boats of the future with outriggers some of the highlights of the Stockholm International Boat Show

Feb 25, 2014 09:51 GMT Stockholmsmässan The boats of tomorrow will have foils that lift them above the waves. Foils and outriggers also increase speed and can reduce fuel consumption by 75 percent. See the boats of the future first at the Stockholm International Boat Show! About 500 boats will be on display, several of which are world premiers. The Stockholm International Boat Show opens at Stockholmsmässan on March 1.

Flying sailboats at Allt för sjön, the Stockholm International Boat Show

Feb 18, 2014 10:29 GMT Stockholmsmässan The Stockholm International Boat Show opens at Stockholmsmässan on March 1. The dock will be packed with exciting sailboat models – large, small and very new. Everything from the Show's largest boat, the 17-meter-long Beneteau Sense 55 luxury yacht, to the six-meter Fabola 650 day sailer. Among the many interesting new items it may well be the "flying" sailboats that attract the most attention.

Ansell introduces hands-free lighting system for TRELLCHEM® Level A Suits

Nov 25, 2013 09:31 GMT Ansell Protective Solutions AB Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the launch of the TRELLCHEM Hands-Free Visor Light System, US patent pending. The system offers Hazmat responders in encapsulating Trellchem suits a built-in hands-free LED lighting solution with a panoramic view with no risk of blinding reflections.

Ansell Teams Up With Gore for Global Launch of Splash & Flame Resistant Clothing

Sep 17, 2013 07:30 GMT Ansell Protective Solutions AB Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, announces the launch of their Sawyer-Tower liquid chemical splash and flame resistant clothing for industrial use. Unique breathable materials, invented by W. L. Gore & Associates, have allowed Ansell to develop a variety of chemical splash protective garments under the SAWYER-TOWER™ brand name and which now will be launched globally.