Press Releases

New No-Cost App “Hit the Spot!” from Sebastian Huehn is Simple, Challenging & Fun Way to Train Visual Reflexes, Aiming Skills & Hand/Eye Coordination

Jul 21, 2014 12:00 GMT appshout! Hit the Spot! from Sebastian Huehn is a cool, retro-inspired game that uses classic elements like Whac a-Moke and arcade shooter to help users train their visual reflexes, aiming skills and hand/eye coordination. The app features Game Center integration, and is available at no-cost in the App Store.

Feature-Filled New Photo & Video Editing App “SuperPlayPost” from Bich Tran Easily Creates Brilliant, Customized Video Collages Ready for Uploading & Sharing

Jul 17, 2014 12:00 GMT appshout! SuperPlayPost from developer Bich Tran is loaded with sophisticated features, including image output, full 1080p HD resolution, 6 customized videos per project, 60 adjustable frames, 400 background patterns and images, 36 image filters, 64 video filters an intuitive “drag & drop” interface and more. There is also zero waiting time to apply edits, and sharing is quick and easy.

New iPhone App from FinBuddy Offers Investment Intelligence and Actionable Insight for Self-Directed Investors

Jul 17, 2014 12:00 GMT appshout! FinBuddy, a new free IOS app, represents a real breakthrough for investors. Investment intelligence, collaboration tools and actionable information all delivered in seconds to the iPhone. Not surprisingly, the early feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Tech Trailblazers Awards embrace the shape of "Things" to come: adds IoT to 2014 Award categories

Jul 15, 2014 14:35 GMT Tech Trailblazers The highly successful Tech Trailblazers Awards today introduced an additional category to reflect growing industry interest and engagement in the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to existing enterprise technology categories such as Cloud, Infosecurity and Big Data, the Tech Trailblazers Awards will now feature IoT as a dedicated category.

Viagame to produce The International 4 in several languages

Jul 14, 2014 09:30 GMT Viagame Viagame will be producing and broadcasting The International Dota 2 Championship exclusively in Czech, Swedish, Romanian and Bulgarian, with studios in both Seattle and Stockholm. Viagame will also produce an exclusive format titled ‘Jess @’, where top host Jess Brohard will be doing interviews with pro players as well as behind the scenes and bonus coverage from the event.

The Namez World Cup App Ensures Names Like Papastathopoulos & Ghoochannejhad Don’t Leave Everyone Tongue-Tied, Plus Users Can Also Record & Share Their Own Name.

Jul 10, 2014 12:00 GMT appshout! Available now for Android devices, Namez launches free World Cup App to ensure users never mispronounce the names of the players, referees, coaches, and stadiums during World Cup Brazil 2014. In addition, users can also record the correct pronunciation of their own name to share on email signatures and social networks - ensuring recipients can say and remember it better.

Tech Trailblazers Tech Startup Index highlights social media and promotional divide between Europe and US startup culture

Jul 09, 2014 14:24 GMT Tech Trailblazers Company maturity drives strategic use of social media, PR and government support London, UK – Wednesday, 9th July, 2014 – The only independent global enterprise tech startup awards, the Tech Trailblazers, today announced the first wave of results from its research program, The Enterprise Tech Startup Index.

New “Mr. Beam” from Antidot/Attic Uses Astonishing 2D Graphics Rendering Engine to Create Unique, Exciting and Addictive Puzzle & Platform App

Jul 08, 2014 12:30 GMT appshout! Mr. Beam from Antidot and Attic transports users to the dark, mysterious Temple of the Ancients, where they must solve tricky puzzles, shrewdly perform actions, navigate labyrinths, avoid traps and defeat monsters – and all while ensuring that they stay in the light at all times and avoid the dark. The app features 22 levels and 5 game modes is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Findwise: Members of CSR Västsverige

Jul 07, 2014 07:17 GMT FINDWISE Now proud members of CSR Västsverige - Sweden's largest network for cross-sector social responsibility. CSR Västsverige (Public & Private Social Responsibility Initiative) was founded in 2008 and is a unique network that ties companies and organizations from different sectors together in order to work with sustainability issues. We have taken on the initiatives Miljöansvar and Reko arbetsplats.

Landis London Ltd. Launches “”: a Revolutionary New No-Cost Proximity-Based Music Discovery App for Musicians and Listeners

Jul 03, 2014 12:30 GMT appshout! from Landis London Ltd. is a no-cost proximity-based music discovery app that helps musicians reach new audiences at home and around the world, and helps listeners find the newest undiscovered tracks, groups and artists. The real-time interactive app also lets listeners “like” their favorites, or reach out directly and start a dialogue that could lead to a spectacular success story.