Press Releases

Mentice provides 3 new exciting training programs for Simulation Centers

Mar 30, 2015 14:49 GMT Mentice AB New research and reports have created an education and development push for hospitals globally. Learn about three new exciting training programs you can set up at your simulation center to attract more attendees and possibly generate new revenue. Topics are Trauma, stroke and radiation safety.

Mar 24, 2015 08:00 GMT Technia Technia and Transcat PLM announced today that they have entered into a joint venture called OptimData with the aim of supporting the development of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. These industrial applications will enable companies to leverage a data-driven and agile approach creating business value and competitive advantages.

STMicroelectronics and the Finnish start-up KoruLab teaming up to deliver stunning user experiences on wearables and IOT

Mar 23, 2015 10:07 GMT EIT ICT Labs ST, a partner of EIT ICT Labs, is teaming up with a Finnish start-up KoruLab to deliver a stunning user experience and prolonged battery life for wearables and IOT devices. The Koru platform is the first declarative UI development platform designed for next generation highly customised experiences in wearables and IOT. EIT ICT Labs supports KoruLab in its internationalization.

Mar 19, 2015 14:45 GMT Axiell Group The four major Swedish publishing houses are now selling their eBook company Elib to the Swedish IT company Axiell Group, whereby Elib gains a technology-intense owner that can power eBook development into the future. Axiell has acquired 70 per cent of the company, while the publishers Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur and Piratförlaget are keeping 30 per cent

Mar 19, 2015 14:45 GMT Axiell Group Nu säljer de stora svenska bokförlagen sitt e-boksföretag Elib till svenska IT-bolaget Axiell Group. Därmed får Elib en tekniktung ägare som kan ta utvecklingen av e-böcker vidare in i framtiden. Axiell köper 70 procent av bolaget. Förlagen Bonniers, Norstedts, Natur & Kultur och Piratförlaget behåller 30 procent.

​Quuppa and General Sensing announcing a partnership

Mar 16, 2015 08:39 GMT EIT ICT Labs General Sensing will distribute Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating Technology with their MedSense solution. Quuppa and the healthcare IT solutions provider General Sensing have announced a partnership. General Sensing will be distributing Quuppa’s real time locating system technology with their MedSense solutions. EIT ICT Labs supports Quuppa in its international growth.

​Quuppa ja General Sensing julkistavat yhteistyökumppanuutensa

Mar 16, 2015 08:36 GMT EIT ICT Labs General Sensing jälleenmyy Quupan älykästä paikannusteknologiaa MedSense-tuoteperheen tuotteissa. Quuppa ja terveysalan IT-palveluiden tarjoaja General Sensing julkistavat yhteistyökumppanuutensa. General Sensing tulee myymään MedSense-palveluidensa osana Quupan toimittamaa reaaliaikaista paikannusjärjestelmää. EIT ICT Labs tukee Quuppaa sen kansainvälisessä kasvussa.

A new direction for Navigational Publications: Nautisk launches NaviTab

Mar 11, 2015 15:24 GMT Nautisk Forlag AS World leading chart distributor Nautisk unveiled its latest navigational solution today to the maritime and shipping media in the prestigious surroundings of the HQ of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in central London.

​OTT platform provider, Xstream Launches Operations in Singapore

Mar 10, 2015 07:06 GMT Xstream A/S Internet TV provider Xstream has announced the expansion of its operations with the opening of its office in Singapore.

CeBIT 2015: EIT ICT Labs presents international Startup Network

Mar 09, 2015 09:34 GMT EIT ICT Labs Hannover, 9th March 2015 - The European innovation network EIT ICT Labs presents 20 startups from 7 European countries at this year’s CeBIT. In order to bring them together with more investors and potential partners EIT ICT Labs partners with the European Enterprise Network (EEN).