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Toshiba's Approach in Miyakojima City All-Islands EMS Verification Project for Realizing an Eco Island

Apr 01, 2015 02:32 GMT Toshiba Corporation Community-based method using renewable energy to solve downward adjustability issue/energy management to build island-style low carbon society system

Toshiba Youth Club Asia: Presenting Challenges, Inviting Solutions

Mar 31, 2015 00:26 GMT Toshiba Corporation TYCA is making progress. We joined the program on its Day 5, Urbanization & Diversity Day, to catch up with what’s been happening and to hear what the students think of it.

Toshiba Youth Club Asia – valuable exchange for students and ASEAN future -

Mar 24, 2015 05:59 GMT Toshiba Corporation Toshiba Youth Club Asia is a new Toshiba International Foundation-sponsored program that brings together high school students from ASEAN and Japan to discuss the future and get to know one another. Just before the program started in Tokyo, we wondered what the participants hope to get from it.

Toshiba’s New range of Protection Relays for Distribution Systems

Mar 10, 2015 14:24 GMT Toshiba Corporation Toshiba first placed a digital protection relay in commercial operation in 1980 and has since released compact, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly products.

Customer Interview: GIIC (Greenland International Industrial Center)

Feb 19, 2015 04:20 GMT Toshiba Corporation 【Case Studies in Indonesia】One major player in Indonesia’s water treatment engineering projects is Envitech Perkasa, a Toshiba Group company. We talked to Masahiro Koizumi, vice president of Puradelta Lestari—the company that operates GIIC—about the firm’s relationship with Envitech Perkasa.

Cavotec drag chains drive bridge behemoth

Feb 10, 2015 15:06 GMT Cavotec What’s 57 metres long, weighs 200 tonnes and will link a floating hotel with oil platforms? Answer: the world’s longest offshore telescopic bridge. The bridge, built by Marine Aluminium, will be a walkway between specialised accommodation vessel Edda Fortis and oil installations in the North Sea.

Envitech Perkasa’s approach in Indonesia

Feb 09, 2015 05:07 GMT Toshiba Corporation 【Case Studies in Indonesia】Envitech Perkasa, a Toshiba Group company, has vast experience in designing, procuring, and constructing water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as offering operational and maintenance services after handover.

Publishing What Next? New Trends in the Publishing Industry in Scandinavia.

Jan 30, 2015 11:23 GMT UP THERE, EVERYWHERE The publishing industry in Scandinavia is looking for new inspiration. Is E-Ployment a possible answer? The Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting. Extract of speech by Julian Stubbs, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

Toshiba’s Technology Helps Solar Go Mainstream

Jan 27, 2015 01:58 GMT Toshiba Corporation Toshiba solar power generation system's two approaches: development of integrated platform system designs and organic thin-film solar cells.

Innovating Smart Solutions for Vegetable Production

Jan 20, 2015 09:04 GMT Toshiba Corporation As Toshiba reinforces its presence in the global healthcare market, it is looking at how to promote good health. A safe, secure food supply is essential, and Toshiba is investigating how its technologies can contribute. An early result is a closed system plant factory for vegetables. The company has built its own plant factory, and is readying to supply integrated systems.