Press Releases

The opening/vernissage in Kungsträdgården (King´s Garden)

Feb 27, 2015 12:27 GMT 10-Minute Baby à la Carte Ewa Borin, founder of the app 10-Minute Baby à la Carte, exhibited at So Stockholm Gallery during the Valentine weekend. The theme was "Valentine" and "love" ;)

Löfbergs awarded for its sustainability work

Feb 27, 2015 08:00 GMT Löfbergs Löfbergs is the winner of Nordic Choice Hotels's Sustainability Award. The family-owned coffee roaster is awarded for its genuine and long-term sustainability work.

​Arla’s 2014 reports available to download

Feb 26, 2015 11:30 GMT Arla Foods Arla has now published its Annual Report 2014 as well as a new CSR report, disclosing how the company lived up to its social, ethical, environmental and financial responsibilities.

Genomics to combat shrimp disease

Feb 23, 2015 17:13 GMT Nofima Shrimp aquaculture is carried out in large parts of Asia and Latin America. White spot syndrome is one of the most serious diseases of farmed shrimp, and there is currently no effective way of combating this disease. Scientists have recently discovered markers for genes that determine how well black tiger shrimp resist the disease. They are now planning to look for the genes in the white shrimp.

PM & Vänner and Scandinavian Wine Academy initiate cooperation

Feb 23, 2015 08:00 GMT PM & Vänner In the autumn of 2015, Scandinavian Wine Academy will commence a sommelier course at PM & Vänner Hotel. The course caters to both business and private individuals who want to learn more about wine and spirit in all forms.

An extra SEK 38 million to Fairtrade farmers

Feb 23, 2015 07:19 GMT Löfbergs With social and eco-receipts, Löfbergs wants to show coffee lovers that buying organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee makes a difference. In 2014, Löfbergs's customers contributed to the Fairtrade cooperatives getting an extra premium of SEK 38 million.

Resilient strategic focus leads to strong results 2014

Feb 18, 2015 07:00 GMT Arla Foods ​2014 was a complex year for Arla. The farmer-owned company achieved one of its best results ever in a market impacted by volatility and international politics. A strong first half of the year produced record-high earnings, but the global market shifted in the second half, reducing the farmer milk price significantly.

Fazer increases proportion of cocoa that complies with responsibility programmes to 70 per cent

Feb 13, 2015 16:10 GMT Fazer Group In 2014, Fazer proceeded towards its cocoa vision and increased the proportion of cocoa meeting the requirements of responsibility to 50 per cent. Fazer actively participates in creating a common European standard for responsible cocoa.

Fazer’s finalists in Pro Gaala convey strong customer service tradition

Feb 13, 2015 07:00 GMT Fazer Group Fazer’s finalists excelled in yesterday’s PRO Gaala for HoReCa professionals in Helsinki. There were two Fazer employees among the 36 finalists.

Löfbergs named one of the Career Companies 2015

Feb 12, 2015 13:00 GMT Löfbergs ​Löfbergs is one of Sweden's 100 most exciting companies in which to make a career according to a new inquiry. Thousands of Swedish companies have been scrutinized, and the family-owned coffee roaster Löfbergs entered the top list for the first time.