POS system for shop

Oct 22, 2014 06:38 GMT EET Group A/S

POS terminal

Oct 22, 2014 06:38 GMT EET Group A/S

Mobile scanner

Oct 22, 2014 06:37 GMT EET Group A/S

With Deeper FishFinder you get an integrated map function complete with fish location saving option

Oct 22, 2014 06:36 GMT EET Group A/S With Smart Fish Finder you get an integrated map function complete with fish location saving option, so you always know exactly where you should be fishing next time. Find the perfect spot every time whether it’s a lake, river, wharf or any other angling site.

Deeper FishFinder is a Smart fishfinder

Oct 22, 2014 06:35 GMT EET Group A/S Smart Fish Finder is fully integrated within social media networks so you can share your fishing stories and pictures quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Take the photograph of your prize catch with the camera function, add your own notes and comments, then instantly share your news with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Power supply with 3 meter cable included in the box

Sep 30, 2014 07:40 GMT EET Group A/S Straight out of the box GoAll TV SMARTSTICK is ready: By simply selecting specific country, when installing the GoAllTV SMARTSTICK, the most popular services for the country can be accessed, no matter if the customer prefers Netflix, HBO Nordic, Viaplay or others. If a favorite service is not listed, it can be found at Google Play.

HDMI cable male to female (34 cm) included in the box

Sep 30, 2014 07:40 GMT EET Group A/S The installation and configuration is easy performed, with the guided GoAllTV walkthrough: Simply install the GoAllTV SMARTSTICK directly into the HDMI of the TV, and get going in a few easy steps. GoAllTV SMARTSTICK is only 110 mm long and 10 mm thick - you'll have no problem installing it behind the TV or wherever you want it.

GoAllTV SMARTSTICK comes with an Air Remote control including air mouse function

Sep 30, 2014 07:39 GMT EET Group A/S The Air Remote as remote control & air mouse moves the cursor freely around the screen. Making it truly easy to use whether choosing a movie, a TV channel, filling out a text form or playing games. The remote control does not need ‘line of sight’ to control the GoAllTV SMARTSTICK.

The GoAllTV solution is based on the software engine from the Danish company Easy Play TV.

Sep 30, 2014 07:38 GMT EET Group A/S With GoAllTV customers do not have the many limitations seen on competitive solutions. GoAllTV connects directly to the TV and to high-speed internet services via wireless home network

GoAllTV is all about making it simple and easy to enjoy the hottest movies, TV-shows, music, games and more from the internet - directly on the TV

Sep 30, 2014 07:36 GMT EET Group A/S With GoALLTV any TV equipped with a HDMI-port can be turned into a modern SmartTV, giving access to favorite entertainment instantly and on demand. Also SmartTVs with limited Smart applications can benefit from being upgraded with GoAllTV - getting access to much more SmartTV entertainment.