Slingbox M1 logo

May 12, 2015 07:56 GMT EET Group A/S The Slingbox M1 is the most advanced Slingbox model the company has ever introduced

New award-winning Slingbox M1

May 12, 2015 07:54 GMT EET Group A/S The hallmark of all Slingbox solutions is that they are the only genuine “TV Anywhere” solutions that are not limited by geo-blocking (inability to access content outside of the country where the Slingbox is being used) and can access 100% of a cable or satellite channel subscription.

Award-winning Slingbox M1

May 12, 2015 07:52 GMT EET Group A/S Slingbox expands the Mobile TV and Video Market, delivering 100% of consumers’ Live TV Content to their Mobile Device of choice anywhere in the world

Sling Media launches award-winning Slingbox M1

May 12, 2015 07:50 GMT EET Group A/S The new Slingbox M1 is a fully re-designed, award-winning Slingbox featuring WiFi connectivity

Product Design 2015 award for FREYA and ODIN wireless streaming and multiroom speakers

Apr 27, 2015 06:50 GMT EET Group A/S FREYA and ODIN wireless streaming and multiroom speakers from Clint Digital convinced the 38 members of the Red Dot jury and received each a Product Design 2015 award

EET Europarts wins the title of National Public Champion for Denmark in the 2014/2015 European Business Awards

Mar 08, 2015 15:19 GMT EET Group A/S As the "National Public Champion" for Denmark EET Group / EET Europarts is now going head-to-head with the other 32 National Public Champions in a second public vote, resulting in the company with the most votes being announced as the overall "European Public Champion"

EET Group receives two prestigious EMEA Channel Academy 2015 Awards

Mar 04, 2015 10:11 GMT EET Group A/S Frederik Andersen, Director of Purchase & Product Management at EET Group, receives the esteemed "Northern Europe Distributor of the Year Award" and the "Award for Outstanding Distributor Performance" on behalf of EET Group / EET Europarts at this years Distree Event