Stabilizor™ T1

May 26, 2015 09:00 GMT Denator AB The Stabilizor T1 is a portable, benchtop instrument that can be used for all tissue types, fresh or frozen. It utilizes rapid conductive heating, under controlled pressure to preserve biological samples as closely as possible to their in vivo state. Heat stabilization permanently prevents biological changes from the moment of sampling, increasing the accuracy and quality of analytical results.

TriabetesClinic for Children

Apr 22, 2015 09:00 GMT Diabetes Tools Sweden AB TriabetesClinic for Children simplifies daily life for everyone caring for children with insulin-dependent diabetes.

GATC Biotech lifts next generation sequencing services with NGSelect to the next level

Dec 03, 2014 15:19 GMT GATC Biotech

GATC Biotech releases future oriented portfolio structure

Dec 03, 2014 15:18 GMT GATC Biotech

CEO of Diabetes Tools, Anders Weilandt, accepts Swedish MedTech Company of the Year award (October 2014)

Oct 24, 2014 13:00 GMT Diabetes Tools Sweden AB

Kerstin Brismar, Professor of diabetes research at Karolinska Institutet

Oct 10, 2014 11:59 GMT Diabetes Tools Sweden AB


Sep 17, 2014 17:23 GMT GATC Biotech

Digital Health Days

Aug 20, 2014 11:37 GMT Stockholmsmässan

Triabetes app video still

Jun 17, 2014 07:25 GMT Diabetes Tools Sweden AB Triabetes, the all-in-one diabetes app, video still

Jens Viebke, CEO Maquet Critical Care

Apr 29, 2014 09:37 GMT Uppsala BIO