Press Releases

New No-Cost App “izi.TRAVEL Tourist Audio Guide” from IZITEQ Turns Ordinary Tourists into Extraordinary Travelers

Jun 18, 2015 13:00 GMT appshout! izi.TRAVEL Audio Guide by IZITEQ is a multilingual storytelling platform that features over 1200 unique audio tours of more than 300 cities in 50 countries, as well as over 500 museums. The new no-cost app also allows virtually any individual, group or organization to create a unique audio guide to enrich the experience of tourists, visitors and patrons.

Emojis Get Fresh New Faces (And Skin Color) With The Stereojis Keyboard App

Jun 16, 2015 12:00 GMT appshout! SinkFoot LLC is happy to announce the release of Stereojis, an emoji keyboard for iOS devices, that gives everyone the emoji diversity they’ve demanded for years. The free app integrates into any iOS keyboard, allowing users to send “stereojis” directly from their favorite messaging apps.

New No-Cost iOS App “Arctic Defences” from Ulrik Motzfeldt is an Epic Multi-Level Battle vs. Zombie Invaders Across Islands, Mountains & Tundra

Jun 12, 2015 12:00 GMT appshout! Arctic Defences from Ulrik Motzfeldt takes gamers onto a frozen polar zone that is being overrun by over 20 different types of zombie enemies -- including infantry and aviation -- who are surprisingly resilient, extremely angry, and determined to win at all costs. The new no-cost app is available from the App Store.

Thrilling New No-Cost “Psycho Escape” by Trapped Features Multiple Puzzles, Mysteries, Levels – and a Relentless Killer

Jun 11, 2015 14:00 GMT appshout! In Trapped’s thrilling new game Psycho Escape, users must skillfully solve a variety of mind-bending mysteries and puzzles and make their way through various levels – or else become a relentless killer’s next victim. The no-cost app is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Innovative New Puzzle Game, Maze Fiesta, Now Available in the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Facebook

Jun 11, 2015 13:11 GMT appshout! Lagoon Software is proud to announce that their latest creation, Maze Fiesta - the fun labyrinth game that anyone can play - is now available for free in the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Facebook.

Postsnap Group Ltd.’s New Photo Card App Adds a Touch of Style to the Greeting Cards Sector in Time for Father’s Day on 21st June.

Jun 09, 2015 14:00 GMT appshout! Postsnap’s new app lets users create one or multiple professional-quality personalised photo cards for Father’s Day by uploading their favourite photos, and editing them via the app’s wide range of easy-to-use customisation features. Users can then have their high quality, glossy cards printed and posted to any address in the UK, EU or worldwide.

IT ForYou’s Remarkable New No-Cost “UrbanDenoiser Player” is a Must-Have App for Music Lovers Everywhere

Jun 09, 2015 12:00 GMT appshout! UrbanDenoiser Player from IT ForYou is a music player with four built-in listening modes -- Noise Around, Natural Sound, Noise Compensation and Hearing Protection – that allow users to listen to the music their love in a whole new way. The new no-cost app is available now from the App Store.

Real-Time Mash-Up Crowd Advice App “Lookmash” from Lookmash Sp. z o.o. Upgraded with Slick New UI

Jun 09, 2015 12:00 GMT appshout! Lookmash from developer Lookmash Sp. z o.o. is a real-time mash-up crowd advice app that helps users decide what to wear, what to buy, and even who to date. The app features a slick new UI, and is available at no-cost from Google Play.

New No-Cost App “Cloud10” by Adele Savarese Lets Users Give Their Special Moments a Picture-Perfect Look & Find Inspiration for Future Experiences

Jun 08, 2015 13:30 GMT appshout! Marketing expert Adele Savarese and co-founder Lydia L. Galeno’s new app Cloud10 lets users seize the day by re-inventing how they capture and share perfect moments and memories. The new no-cost app is available from the App Store.

New No-Cost App “Being Unique” from KenTech is an Inspiring, Uplifting, Empowering & Essential Resource for the LGBT Community

Jun 08, 2015 13:00 GMT appshout! Being Unique by KenTech features exclusive advice, suggestions, guidance, tips, life hacks and other meaningful content designed for people in and supporters of the LGBT community. The new no-cost app also offers an email advice service and live music streaming, and will soon introduce an in-app social network for users worldwide to connect and collaborate.