Press Releases

New Product Manager for the product area Indoor waste systems

Dec 11, 2014 08:39 GMT Purus International In order to strengthen Purus’ focus on products in the segment Indoor waste systems, we have hired a new Product Manager for this area, Håkan Lindell. - Purus is a strong brand, has motivated and innovative employees and my goal is to double the sales in the segment within five years, Håkan says.

Live better, move to Southeast Asia

Dec 04, 2014 12:12 GMT Aritco Lift AB ​Thailand and Singapore already appreciate a high standard of living when it comes down to comfort and general standards. The residential home lift from Swedish Manufacturer Aritco has become an item that is now considered a part of every day life. The proof of this is a newly built townhouse area of Singapore, where all houses are equipped with residential lifts from Aritco.

BIM – to simplify

Oct 22, 2014 08:18 GMT Purus International BIM is becoming increasingly common throughout the world and there are countries which insist that all public works contracts shall be made with BIM. We at Purus want to be on the train and be able to provide our customers with BIM models of our products. Some of our products are ready to be downloaded in varying formats and we intend to release more products this way

Aritco's lifts certified at SundaHus

Oct 20, 2014 08:00 GMT Aritco Lift AB Aritco’s lifts are now environmentally certified at SundaHus to classification B. This means that our lifts are recommended for installation in buildings where demands exist for environmentally friendly construction products. SundaHus Miljödata is the largest assessor of health and environmental products for the building and real-estate sector, in construction, renovation and operation.

Sisäympäristö-analytiikkaa kehittävä 720 Degrees keräsi siemenrahaa / 720 Degrees raises seed funding for workspace analytics

Oct 10, 2014 07:46 GMT EIT ICT Labs Oletko koskaan ajatellut miten työpaikkasi sisäilman laatu vaikuttaa terveyteesi ja työtehoosi? 720 Degrees on suomalainen startup-yritys, joka tarjoaa yrityksille ratkaisun sisäilman laadun valvontaan. 720 Degrees on varmistanut siemenrahoituksen, joka tulee vauhdittamaan oleellisesti yrityksen kansainvälistymistä ja tuotekehitystä.

Swedish homelift company Aritco releases app with latest 3D technology to allow customers visualize homelifts in a real environment

Feb 10, 2014 09:08 GMT Aritco Lift AB The Swedish homelift company Aritco invests heavily in new technology to facilitate the visualization of homelifts in private homes. By combining the latest 3D technology and Augmented Reality, the small Swedish company has developed an app where homeowners easily and for free can generate a virtual homelift in their own house.

Marika Wӕrn takes over the reins at NCSC, Nordic Council of Shopping Centers

Nov 26, 2013 14:06 GMT NCSC- Nordic Council of Shopping Centers Marika Wӕrn takes over after Agneta Uhrstedt, who has been General Secretary for the past 17 years at NCSC, the association of the shopping center industry in the Nordic countries. Marika has an international background with experience in building up her own business in Russia with the biggest shopping centers as customers and also experience in real estate development.

Feb 21, 2013 13:46 GMT Invest in Skåne The number of employees working for foreign-owned companies in Skåne has risen by 19% during the period 2004-2011. This finding is included in a report produced by the Scandinavian consultancy company Oxford Research, which was commissioned by Invest in Skåne to compile statistics on the internationalisation of the region.

Byggstart för Stockholmsmässans nya entré

May 03, 2012 09:36 GMT Stockholmsmässan Idag togs det första spadtaget till Stockholmsmässans nya huvudentré. Totalt investeras drygt 100 miljoner kronor i ett nytt entrétorg som ger besökare och utställare en tydlig och inspirerande utgångspunkt till de olika evenemangen, samtidigt som ett nyttt centralt placerat presscenter invigs. Stockholmsmässans nya entré ska vara klar hösten 2013.